Maple Story is a boring monstrosity lacking any creativity whatsoever. You have to be born to play it to get any fun out of it.

The graphics are cute and enjoyable. Enviroments are unique and very well done. Basically, you stand on elevated platforms of land with a scenery background. Characters were made in an anime style. You can choose a variety of hair styles and different clothing/armor to change your appearance.

The object of the games is… well I’m not sure. Roleplaying is to a minimum. Occasionally, you’re given a quest to collect x number of items for someone but thats about the jist of it. There are various platforming levels with little creatures all over them. You must press the "ctrl" button continuously as your character uses his attack. After an extremely long amount of time you will gain a level.

The community is okay. A lot of pre-teens and mid teenagers. Not very many adults. The game has a huge problem with hackers, however. It seems like every where you look there is a person using a hack to vacuum all the monsters into one corner.

Overall, this game really isn’t worth bothering with. There are a lot better free games out there.

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