Bounty Bay Online: A Pirates Life For Me!

Bounty Bay Online: A Pirates Life For Me

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist



Have you ever chosen Pirates over Ninja’s and did you ever feel like roaming the seven seas as Captain Jack Sparrow? Bounty Bay Online makes this a reality like few games can! Do you want to be a Pirate, Trader or Royal Guardian? You can choose between different classes to roam the seas and seek treasure. In this article I will be giving Bounty Bay Online an updated look at what has improved over the last few years.




Bounty Bay Online is set in the 16th century and there are different paths to take. Your first choice of customization is your character’s backstory, which can set you off down one of various paths in the game. Whether you choose to be a pirate or sail of as a rich trader you have a different story behind you, but all lead you on a mission of world peace.



I set sail as Captain Jack Arrow, a female pirate dedicated to getting as much booty as possible. The first thing I had to do was to choose a profession; there are currently five classes to choose from which are the following:


The Royal Military Officer is a High ranked member of the military who is talented with rifles and swords. Alongside their strengths in land battle they are also rather deft with cannons in sea battles. The Royal Military Officer is strong in Gunnery in Sea Battles and its Land Battle Strength is a Sword.


The Emperor Guardian is the elite from the imperial’s army who is good with the falchion, the axe, and the sword to name but a few. Although melee is his main strength; he can defeat enemies by using grappling tactics during sea battles too.


Roaming around the Caribbean, the Caribbean Pirate considers killing to be his hobby. He is very good at melee battles, and has many attack tactics such as grappling, ramming and short cannon attacks to defeat enemies during sea battles.


The Treasure Hunter has the passion to explore every corner of the world to find treasure. But he also excels at long distance cannons attacks, mines, and ramming tactics. Even on the ground he prefers to keep his distance, specializing in rifles.


The Armed Businessman is great at one thing, defending his bountiful supplies. In addition, his main strength lies in repairing and enhancing ships, and healing sailors. On the ground, he is good at healing, buffing allies, and shooting.



Since I created my character to be a pirate and roam the seven seas in search for more booty, I obviously chose the Caribbean Pirate profession since to reach my goals. As you level up you can obtain various profession skills to further improve your mastery of your combat style.



Throughout the game it is possible to acquire Reputation and Noble titles. There are many ways to obtain reputation such as authenticating rumors of treasure, discovering lands and questing. To earn Titles you require a certain amount of reputation and coins. Titles shouldn’t be overlooked in this game as they have amplifying status effects that have a major impact on your character late game. Almost every piece of armor or weapon requires some noble title as a prerequisite to equip.




First off you start off doing quests for the local NPC’s in the town you’re at. You will be helping the local farmers, miners and lumberjacks with their gathering of resources. You will also hunt down a few monsters with your sword and gather the needed items for several quests. This will teach you the basics in Bounty Bay Online. In every quest log you will find out which mob you will need to hunt or which NPC you need to talk. It is possible to click on the NPC’s green underlined name to automatically walk to the destination where this item or NPC is. As the game world is incredibly huge, this will be a big plus since remembering a single NPC location is nearly impossible.



After a few of these menial tasks you will earn the right to set sail as captain of your own vessel. However to sail out you will need sailors that will help you in your future quests; every ship has a maximum number of sailors that can sail along with you on your journey. The first quest lets you hire 50 sailors that will help you with whatever you desire; you will also need to buy food for the sailors so they don’t starve to death. After you have finally sailed out of the docks you can do whatever you want. You can do quests or just simply engage every ship you come across. This sandboxy feel is what really attracted me to the game.




The graphics aren’t terrible but won’t be turning in heads in 2012. Bounty Bay Online has been out for 4 years now and so the requirements to run this game properly are really low. As long as you have a Pentium 3 processor along with a video card plugged in you are able to run this game. If you have no idea whatsoever about what kind of rig you’re running, just ask yourself if you’ve played an MMO before. If so then your rig can certainly handle this game.




Bounty Bay Online offers a wide variety of gameplay features for anyone looking for an MMO with real freedom. I chose to play as a pirate but there are a lot more of options you can choose from. The only downside I experienced while playing were a few annoying bugs but nothing so much as to detract from the overall experience. The game creates its own unique style that works out pretty well and certainly sets it apart from the majority of F2P MMOs on the market. If you have always liked Pirates over Ninjas and you have been a huge fan of Pirate movies you should try out Bounty Bay Online because it is a really fun game to play!

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  • Adam Barton

    Knockoff of Voyage Century. Have fun getting sued.

  • Antihero

    this game is actually awesome…i used to play during beta testing (name was Celador) and then for a couple years after…in the Revenants guild. I got my dad (name wqas Ra3or) into the game as well.

    The Game has also changed its name back to the original name of voyage century
    Bounty Bay Online. is what it changed its named to when snail games held the rights before selling the rights to igg.


    The game is superbly vast, the game weighs heavily on exploration and questing.
    You can choose from merchant, or adventurer, or soldier. which decides your skill set to start. But you can customize your skills based on what weapons you would prefer to use.
    You will start in 17th century meditaranean region of the world, you will either start in italy or in Alexandria. depending on what human race you choose, male or female. But the game’s customizable options includes changing your home port and national loyalty to a different city you travel to. And each culture has its own titles you can earn.

    When you get your first ship you will be very much intrigued by sailing and exploring, and you wont be let down.
    **You can sail all the way to north america to the pirate island of tortuga…i wouldnt recommend it in the beginning however…as you will run out of provisions, your crew will all die, and it will take hours to get there…and they will greet you by boarding you and killing you…trust me. Go west later in the game…but there is a lot of exploration to do anyways!**
    You will sail from historical port to ancient city, through the meditaranean, northern africa or italy and greece. then out of the meditaranean up the coast of england, sailing past ireland to northern finland etc..then sail all the way back south down the african west coast down to cape town.
    **** now as you sail up the east coast of africa, you will begin to see a whole bunch of glowing anchors making a wall. MAP CHANGE. You will have a loading screen, and you will then load the asian map.****
    in asia you will be able to fight new monsters, and take new quests, gain new titles under a different loyalty..and most importantly…NEW SHIPS! Asian juggernauts, and paddle dragon ships that are a merchant/battleship class..There is korean ports, and japanese, and many many others in this region.

    Land combat is very basic, i can admit, just a typical point and click..waiting for buff cooldowns. and some as the moderator says, there are some monsters that are hard to click on. Especially those small little crabs he was fighting when he was lowbie questing. Wahh. its just 1 kind of mob. There are many other mobs, real life animals, historical animals, as well as some animals from mythology.

    Sea Battle. Is fantastic.
    You can choose an array of ammunition types to fire from cannons. to take out the crew to prepare to board them, or to take out the masts/sails to make them incapable of escape, or just attack the ship and try to sink it.
    You can also ram people with a ramming skill.
    In my opinion, the most epic, and unique thing this sea battle has, is the ability to grapple and board an opponents ship. turning the battle into a land based battle with you and your crew, where you walk across the planks and board your opponents ship. Try to loot them and kill the captain. Its a lot of fun.

    All your armors and weapons and ships and weapons for your ships, dyes for hair, dyes for your ship sails, figure heads for your ships…grappling hooks, pistols, muskets, axes, rapiers…the list goes on. and everything, you can craft.
    you will find when you get hard into the game, you will need multiple accounts for you to be constantly mining and chopping wood and collecting, to supply the resources you need to then craft your items for your main account.

    Is somewhat openworld but regional, certain hunting areas allow you to pvp, and most are gaurded by npcs. But there are a few areas where you can “gank” people as they grind.

    Then you get into the guild aspect of this game…its is what a guild system should be.
    You team with your guild to hunt more efficiently with shared exp, a high level can team with you and power level you quite well. But dont get me wrong, leveling is not fast. I believe the level cap is 130…but you become a “high level” at 110 if im correct…which so like… the game is basically a grind from 1-110 and then another grind from 110-130.
    You and your guild can fight for control of certain ports around the globe. Your guild then profits by a percentage of each sale that happens to an npc in your port. You can choose to hold many ports, but 2 enemy guilds could arrange to attack both ports at 1 time. youd have to have an extremely strong guild to defend both ports at once. but then youd also have to make sure everyone is close to the ports in time, because sailing does take quite a while. Which is a good time.

    I could go on and on and on about the great things about this game..And honestly, the p2p features dont hit hard until you get to level 110..
    in that sense i think it is actually a decently structured game. that does a good job of spreading the community apart so it never feels too crowded. other than in main ports like athens, where people are merchanting.

    id give the game a strong 8.5/10
    because of the difficulty of leveling when you get to be level 110-130 and the p2p aspect at that level range.
    also in pvp guild battles your pretty much a flie on the wall until you hit level 105+…but there is A LOT TO DO to keep you occupied and leveling up.