Bravery Network Online Is an Upcoming Post-Post Apocalyptic Fighter

Bravery Network Online news

Bravery Network Online is an upcoming post-post Apocalyptic fighter title, that will be visible during Gamescom 2019 (August 20-22, 2019).  In the post-post-apocalyptic future city-state of Toronto, players will build a Pokemon-style team, and their battlers will utilize emotional attacks. These include Guilty, Tired, Excited, or Peck in fun, fast-paced battles. There are presently 25 fighters that will be in the game at launch, but there are also pre-built teams (The Cold & The Beautiful, Trust Punks), all of which want to be champions in the sport known as Bravery.

Bravery Network will take place online, where players do battle with their friends or strangers online, using the Bravery Network lobby system. Ranked battles will also be available to see where you stand against the rest of the Bravery Network Online community. Bravery Network will also feature a robust single-player campaign framed in the style of a visual novel, showcasing characters like Grace, Seyla, and a whole host of other BNO fighters with personalities as unique as their moves. The single-player campaign will contain tutorials, a lore-filled story mode, and ways to gather characters to your cause and build up your personal roster of Bravery fighters.

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