Bullet-Hell FPS MOTHERGUNSHIP Launches Today

Mothergunship Trailer

Earlier today, the Bullet-Hell/FPS MOTHERGUNSHIP came to life for 24.99 USD. It’s partly financed by Humble Bundle (where it can be found) and is also on Steam as well as Playstation 4/Xbox One. There will also be a physical release for console in partnership with Sold Out, coming in August.  In MOTHERGUNSHIP, your objective is simple: Destroy the Mothergunship. As the spiritual successor to Tower of Guns, MOTHERGUNSHIP blends bullet hell and FPS gameplay together with extremely versatile crafting. It also features an Endless Mode with leaderboards, letting players test their greatest gun crafting creations. It features almost unlimited gun-crafting options, and they had a Gun Crafting Demo back in May to show off just how much was possible. It’s time to battle the MOTHERGUNSHIP!

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