Cabal Online Interview: Secrets of the Radiant Hall

Cabal Online Interview: Secrets of the Radiant Hall
Questions by Vincent Haoson, OnRPG Journalist
Answered by Anthony Smith, Business Development Manager


Cabal Online has been operating recently celebrated their 4th year anniversary and in conjunction to that they released their latest patch, Secrets of the Radiant Hall. We got the chance to talk to them regarding about this update.


OnRPG: Before I start, congratulations to your fourth anniversary! How are you guys currently feeling with the game almost operating for half a decade in such a competitive environment?

Thank you! We are very proud of reaching this landmark and are very excited for the developments that are planned for the months and years ahead. As was the case four years ago, CABAL remains a very unique MMO and continues to attract thousands of users each and every day seeking to enjoy a game with fast-paced action and adventure!


OnRPG: So let’s move on with your latest update, Secrets of the Radiant Hall, can you say that this update is a game changer? Why or Why not?

Every update in CABAL is a game changer in one way or another. The Radiant Hall update improved and polished a lot of the current content and also added plenty of new content, in the form of dungeons and accessories, for players to enjoy.


One of the biggest changes Radiant Hall brings is the completely new user interface. It gives the game a very stylish, modern feel and most importantly improves overall usability. Other features, such as the Daily Quest system, are also very useful additions and open a range of opportunities for future development.


OnRPG: You’ve given the gist of the storyline content Secrets of the Radiant Hall has, can you give us an idea on how the story will be presented in the game? How will players find out the details behind the secrets of the Phantasmal Clan?

The quests inside the Radiant Hall dungeon are heavily story-based, revealing more and more of the secrets of Radiant Hall and the Phantasmal Clan as players venture deeper into the dungeon. We of course do not want to spoil the story for anyone and people wishing to know more should make a visit to the dungeon!


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OnRPG: what’s the story behind the lost girl in the new solo quest dungeon, Catacomb frost?

You are introduced to the dungeon by one of the NPCs in Bloody Ice, as he begs you to follow the trail of a girl who vanished from the village. You manage to find clues as to where and how she vanished, which then leads you to the entrance of the Catacomb Frost dungeon. Again we don’t want to give-away too much but it is fair to say the story plays out once you enter the icy tomb dungeon.


OnRPG: How challenging is Catacomb Frost with the dungeon set for characters level 110 and above? Can you say that players who have ‘buffed’ up items can breeze through this dungeon brashly or do they need to have the mix of luck, skill and powerful items to survive the dungeon?

Catacomb Frost, as with the other timed solo dungeons, will allow the player to choose the difficulty level they want – easy, medium or hard. The hard setting will prove a challenge for even well-geared characters, due to the time-limit that the dungeon has and the number of monsters players have to deal with once inside. You definitely need skill and some powerful gear if you are brave enough to try the dungeon on hard.


OnRPG: Speaking of new quests, how difficult is the new raiding dungeon? Do players need to have a better strategy and group sync in this new dungeon compared to Illusion castle? Or can high level characters force themselves through the maps with high level weapons and equipment?

Viewed purely in terms of the power of the monsters inside Radiant Hall is of a similar difficulty level to Illusion Castle. Crucially however the quests inside Radiant Hall will prove a challenge for players of all levels and players will need to work together as a team to complete all of the dungeon and leave it alive.


OnRPG: Are these two new dungeons only set for high level weapons farming? Or is it also a good leveling place for players? Why or why not?

Radiant Hall has optional side-quests that give a hefty experience boost, which is ideal for players still leveling their characters. Some of the quests inside the dungeon also reward the players with Ability Experience, which is something all top-level characters need. The dungeon is thus ideal for players still leveling as well as players who have already reached the level cap.


OnRPG: I see that you have finally included a daily quest system in the game? What made you guys add this game feature? And why is it set on level 65 characters and above?

The daily quests can be used for faster leveling or to gain ability experience, guild points or dungeon entries. It gives even players at max level a reason to go out and kill some monsters and defend the villages of Nevareth. In terms of why we set the level to 65 and above, a level which takes only several days to reach, it is because we felt that up until 65 players are still busy learning the game. It is only by 65 when a player has had plenty of time to learn and understand the game’s basics that they can truly enjoy all the daily quest system has to offer.


OnRPG: Are these daily quests related to the game’s storyline? Or are they more of a daily chores kind of quests that have no ties with the on-going story?

While the daily quests do not develop the games main storyline, they continue to build on the sense of turbulence and darkness that is spreading across the lands of CABAL. You get asked for help by several of the town’s main NPCs in dealing with a series of problems that threaten their day-to-day lives. For example the armor shop dealer in Bloody Ice tells you that there are an increasing number of monsters who are robbing his wares and asks that you kindly help him in removing the threat.


OnRPG: Why are the daily quests made that way? Are the daily quests set to show that the citizens of Navareth have chores lives outside of battles? Or are these daily quests connected to the games lore in the future?

The Daily Quests show players how truly fragile and vulnerable the society they are part of is. With the constant threat of evil monsters, and a people split between opposing ideas on the best way to re-build, it brings home how hard the day-to-day life is for the ordinary citizens that the young heroes rely on.


OnRPG: It seems that all the updates are for mid-level players and above. Will you be including any updates for low level players in the future? Or are you concentrating more on the dedicated players of the game? Why or why not?

The previous updates changed the gameplay significantly for lower level characters, adding training dungeons with the possibility to obtain really good gear, re-designing the novice armour sets, changing quest rewards, and so on. This update polishes the current games look and feel, and the next update will introduce a new level cap, new skills, and a new map especially for high-level players. As you can see the game is constantly being improved for players of all levels.


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OnRPG: Aside from the new dungeons and maps, you included interface changes and new game features. What were your bases for including these changes into the game?

The game interface was re-designed to make it more modern, and more stylish. Visually it is very appealing, and this improves the overall player experience. The Daily Quest system, as well the change in the party search feature merely improves on features that players have come to expect from MMOs.


OnRPG: Looking at it in a bigger picture, the game features (new party search system, new key binding system and the new chat macros) are a long time coming, why were they only included now?

It is a simple fact of life that it is never possible to develop and introduce all of the great ideas and features that would improve a game at once. It is a case of prioritizing and while we could have added features like the key binding much earlier, it would have meant delaying another feature or piece of content that is equally as important to users.


OnRPG: How great was the community’s influence over the changes and updates that are included in Secrets of the Radiant Hall? Would you say that this update is good example of a great collaboration between you guys and the game community?

There is an entire section of the game forum dedicated to player suggestions on how to make the game better. The best ideas are forwarded to the game developers, who then use these to reach an understanding on what players like and dislike. In terms of suggestions that made their way into this update, many of the ideas put forward on the interface and daily quest system came from the game’s community.


OnRPG: What’s in store for Cabal Online in the following months ahead?

We have a very big update planned for the end of this summer, which will include new skills, a new map, an increase to the level cap, and new dungeons, to name just a few. There are a great many very good things on their way to CABAL Online! 

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