Call of Duty: WWII ‘The War Machine’ DLC Rolls Out Today

COD WWII War Machine_V2

The Call of Duty DLC Season isn’t over yet; Three new multiplayer maps, a new War Mode, and Nazi Zombies appear in ‘The War Machine’, the latest DLC pack, out today in CoD: WWII. Players will be traveling to Egypt, France, Germany and Sicily across three new Multiplayer maps, and the newest Nazi Zombies chapter begins, “The Shadowed Throne”. This is also the first time in Call of Duty: WWII that players get to take to the skies, in “Operation Husky. But what maps will be available?

Egypt – Call of Duty: WWII heads to North Africa for the first time in this all-new Multiplayer map. Fight in and around the ancient pyramids at Giza, and battle for an interior temple flanked by tight tunnels adorned with ancient calligraphy. Every playstyle can succeed in this varied and dynamic new map.

Dunkirk – Face off on the beach and boardwalk of the French seaside city of Dunkirk. This map features a large, open and dangerous beach area flanked by tight building interiors. Sniping can be effective here, though aggressive running and gunning can also pay off, making every engagement unique in this historic battleground.

V-2 – This small, fast-paced map set in a rocket development and test site located in rural Germany features a launch tower in the center that provides a focal point and an opportunity to grab an elevated sightline on unsuspecting opponents. Explosive action is guaranteed here, in more ways than one.

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