Celestial Destroyer: The Family that Plays Together Stays Together

By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), Onrpg writer

The world is already in the brink of destruction. Clans have stopped their rivalry and have finally joined forces against the invasion of demons and other astral beings. Your mission is to be part of one of the clans and save the world from this invasion of ungodly beings.

Welcome to the world of Celestial Destroyer, an oriental MMO under Cubizone’s game library.

Out of the ordinary

As part of Celestial Destroyer’s world, you are thrown into a conflict between monsters, humans and clans as well. Your task in this whole mess is to become part of one of the five clans that have taken a foothold as the strongest clans in this world.

Clans are not just a mere storytelling piece that the people behind Celestial Destroyer use but are one of the most important game aspects. The clans are basically the “job class” of the game. Yep you heard it right. Clans erase the standard MMO’s “job class” system. The clan you belong to dictates what type of character you have.

In Celestial Destroyer, there are five clans to choose from. The Greencloud, Joyous, Ghostlord and Ghost trail clan and the people from the Skytome Temple. Each class has its own unique set of skills that you would need to invest points in because there are no stat points to allocate here.

Game Features

As most games Cubizone has, Celestial Destroyer is chock-full of game features. However, the thing that stands out more for the game is the Family and Guild system.

Usually when we hear a “family” system in an MMO we immediately think of it as the game’s guild system. However, in Celestial Destroyer, the Family is in fact a family. If you belong to one your character automatically carries a surname of the family you belong to, just like in real life.

On the other hand, the game’s guild system is in fact closely related to the families in Celestial Destroyer. You can’t join a guild unless you belong to a family. The twist here is that the Family chief is the one who gets to decide if the family would belong to the guild or not.

Guilds also are able to participate in city battles where the guilds try to take over a city against other guilds. Whoever wins the battle gets to literally own the city and earn in-game currency in the form of taxes.

The game quests are also plentiful, there are three types you can get and they are the Celestial Destroyer, Journey and wanted Quests. Aside from the quest system, other features you may enjoy are as follows, the pet and mount system, the reputation and prestige system that Q-World, another game under Cubizone has and the fashion feature where you can dress up your character by buying premium items from the in-game premium store of Celestial Destroyer.

The reputation and Prestige feature of Celestial Destroyer gives you titles where you can use for your character. The title appears just below of your character’s name. Aside from making you character look cool, attaining titles also rewards you with rare items as well.


Celestial Destroyer has two major key features that make this game one of the F2P MMOs that can be considered as one of the top contenders in the industry. The First is that its job class is one of the most unique in the industry. Second is that the game has pegged down what makes players stay in a game even if the overall gameplay is very linear.

The job class in Celestial Destroyer is unique in the sense that the game goes against the usual norms in character classes and creates a class of its own save for the healers that belong to the Skytone Temple. One example of Celestial Destroyer’s unique job class system is it’s “nukers”. Usually in MMOs, the nukers are the mage or the magic types who often use staffs as weapons. In Celestial Destroyer, the nuker types carry swords instead.

Furthermore, the skill system that’s uniquely for Celestial Destroyer gives players the opportunity to try and find out which works. This adds up to the interest value the game has and of course gives you all the reason to try the game out more.

However, this change from the usual job class has a downside as well. First would be that you may find it hard to adjust to the skill points attributes system especially of you prefer stat points allocation. Another thing is that you would really need to get used to the game’s job class. If you don’t pay too much attention to your character you may end up with a character you’d like to delete in a flash.

Celestial Destroyer’s second key feature is the family, guild and battle city system. Celestial Destroyer capitalizes on man’s nature to mingle. By tying down characters to families, you then gain connections to people in-game.

Another thing is the unique guild system of Celestial Destroyer. To be able to join a guild you must be included in a family first. This gives players more reason to get a family first above all things. Also, as a member of a guild you get to take part in the Battle City of Celestial Destroyers, thus giving you more reasons to play the game.

The problem with this setup though is the exclusivity factor that the game may indirectly encourage. The family system does in fact have the “Either you are in or not” mentality. There may be problems with this kind of setup specially if a player doesn’t like to mingle and prefers to go at the game alone.

Celestial Destroyer is first and foremost a social game, or a quest centered game at best. The game features cleverly distance the players of the linear core gameplay of the game. The game does in fact bring some refreshing changes to the whole industry however it is still questionable if it’s enough to make the game such a hit.

I still can’t shake the fact though that there are moments that the game feels like Perfect World with a few changes to it, or, Celestial Destroyer is a variation of Q-World, another game that belongs to Cubizone’s stable.

– The job class is distinctly unique
– Family and Guild system is innovative and adds a whole new twist to the game
– Quests are plentiful

– The complexity and uniqueness of the game’s job class can be confusing to new players
– Solo gamers may find the game boring after playing it for a while
– The game’s overall gameplay is generic.

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