Chaos Online Interview: Closed Beta Details

Chaos Online interview for Onrpg

Questions by Rick Charbs, Onrpg writer

Answered by: Engputer, Vice President, Ingle Games Ltd.

We at Onrpg were delighted to conduct an interview with Engputer, Vice President of Ingle games Ltd, on the subject of their newest release, Chaos Online. So far, this game has had a stunning reputation for their great in-game support and unique events. This is a game where players can contribute to making the game bug-and-hacker-free, and this works smoothly so far. That’s not all Chaos Online has to offer, and there is much more to come: “More and more interesting online/offline activities will be introduced into the game after we have passed the period of beta” said Engputer. Read this interview to find out their future plans and Engputer’s personal thoughts of the game!

Onrpg: Chaos Online has recently been released in the Closed Beta phase. What new features should players be able to experience that weren’t present in the Alpha phase?

Engputer: Hi Rick and all the members. Thanks for offering the chance to talk with you about Chaos Online. We are glad that Chaos Online has successfully entered the Closed Beta testing period. There are a lot of differences between CB version and Alpha version.

In previous version, the equipment can only be crafted. Now in CB version, equipment can be upgraded. For example, if you have a Lv.10 weapon, you can use a meteor to upgrade its level to 20 and the related attributes will increase. This will benefit players a lot since they can invest only on 1 weapon instead of different ones.

Most of Shopping Mall items are transferred to normal Gold Shop. This is our style of publishing games that we don’t want to sell those functions for money. We removed a lot of items from the shopping mall so that players can enjoy these functions for free. Such as costumes, backpack space etc. In game robot is totally free now which can help you to free your hands to chat and making new friends!

Another major change is that we have Credit Card System released. You don’t need to pay a single dollar to purchase Diamonds to buy valuable items. When you reach certain levels, you can get free Diamonds!

A lot of other things are added and I can’t list them all out here. For more details, you can read our official website.

Onrpg: It is known that some tweaking and rearranging has been done to the game’s rates (exp, drops). How have the rates changed in comparison with the Closed Beta phase?

Engputer: Actually we didn’t make changes to the game’s rates. We doubled them during the weekends since more players will log into the game and enjoy the game during weekends. But if this works great and players like it, we will try to make them double all the time. But we need to do some research first.

Onrpg: What feedback have you been receiving so far for this recent testing phase?

Engputer: As to feedback, most are related to game and players do give us a lot of useful information to make the game better. We also find that the community is very friendly and active. We thought we need to assign GMs in game to answer questions while those questions are answered by players immediately. They save us a lot of time and we can focus more on solving the bugs and other important issues.

Onrpg: A special gold farmer “bounty hunting” event is currently in place. Could you please explain this for us in detail, and offer us the rewards given if you happen to catch a gold farmer?

Engputer: We do not welcome Gold Farmers in our game. We want a fair and friendly community and drive those money driven guys out from our community. We will encourage players to exchange items on their own with real money. Later we will setup a trade center to help them to buy and sell items for real money among them.

Onrpg: Are there any rewards in-store for players who seek out bugs or malfunctions within the game?

Engputer: Yes we do. We have great rewards for those bug finders and we thank them for finding out bugs for the whole community! We will also grant them Bug Finder title in official forum as well.

Onrpg: During the Alpha phase, players were able to exchange forum gold (acquired from participating actively in the forums) for in-game gold. Is this feature still implemented in the game? How is this feature important to Chaos Online’s community development?

Engputer: This is just one of the activities we have in our community. As you may know that most game forums are a bit isolated from the games. Only 1/10 players will participate in forums. We would like to have a try on this combining, that players are both active in forums and in games. As you may see in our forums, they are really helping each other, especially for the novices.

Onrpg: An item mall is currently planned for the release of Chaos Online. Could you please give us a short preview on what kinds of items will players be able to purchase in it?

Engputer: As to shopping mall, we have removed a lot of stuff from it, which means players can get most of items for in game gold, not from purchase. Now the items in shopping mall can all be found in the game, except some interesting clothes. So shopping mall now is really optional. If you want to save time, we welcome you to use shopping mall.

Onrpg: How strong is the customization aspect of the game? How can one be truly unique in Chaos online?

Engputer: Since our game is still in beta, to be honest we haven’t released much function on this aspect. But we have different costumes right now and they can be purchased easily in game. You can disguise yourself as a Mid-Century Knight and you can also disguise yourself a 21st century gentleman.

Onrpg: How party-oriented is this MMORPG? Will a player be able to solo all the way to end-game, or will partying up with others be necessary?

Engputer: Party will grant you at most 16% extra experience you have gained from mobs. Normally if you get power-levelled up by a pro player, you can easily reach to level 50 since the Power levelling is well adjusted in this game. If you want to solo, you can also quickly get yourself to high levels and then start your true journey. If you want to play Dungeons, you will sure need to party!

Onrpg: What can we players expect in terms of activities and events that will be held in the game in the future?

Engputer: More and more interesting online/offline activities will be introduced into the game after we have passed the period of beta. As you may know currently we must focus on the bug fixing and make the game more stable. Next period we will make the game more enjoyable.

Onrpg: Are there any plans for a special event during this holiday season?

Engputer: We will have Xmas events for Christmas and New Year. For more details, please visit official website and I am sure that web designers have put this big event in our main site. Happy New Year to you all!

Onrpg: What do you enjoy about the game the most so far in terms of gameplay?

Engputer: Personally I play a game part for the game play and part for the community. So far the game is interesting to me, especially hunting in dungeons, upgrading my equipments and riding on my super power mounts. I am also enjoying the game community since I can easily fit myself in the race channel – robot free my hands from hunting mobs so that I can enjoy the chat. I have made a lot of new friends as well.

Onrpg: How long will the Closed Beta phase last?

Engputer: This depends on the development progress and bug fixing speed. Our plan is less than 1.5 months and we hope we can bring the stable and 80% released open beta to our players soon.

Onrpg: When do you approximately plan on moving the game on to the Open Beta phase and/or the official release?

Engputer: We hope that Open Beta can start in January and we can official release the game in March or April.

Thanks very much and hopefully readers can give a try on this motorcycle thing.

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