Character Development: A Return to GW2

Character Development: A Return to GW2

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Roleplay Master



In one of my first Character Development articles I wrote about Guild Wars 2. That was back in September, just a few days after I started playing. Now I’ve had a good six months in the game and I think I know it a bit better than I did before. I will admit though, while I do attend a lot of events on my home server Piken Square, I don’t think I’d consider myself a known face in the RP community. But there is a good reason for that. I’m not the bar type. In real life I don’t go to bars, they’re overpriced and I don’t drink alcohol. In MMOs its all about standing around and listening to drama all day. And while sure, that can be fun from time to time, real life, well…real adventuring life is out in the wilds. And so that is where I spend most of my time. While I’m not waiting for the Claw of Jormag event.



In my first RP article on GW2 I mentioned Back then it looked like Piken Square was struggling a bit with the non bar roleplay. Sadly things haven’t changed all that much. Though things are getting much, much better. And GW2RP as they call themselves is an insanely useful tool. I log into the site nearly every day to check what is going on, read articles posted by the GW2RP journalist staff and chat a bit on the forums. This site is an absolute must for any roleplayer in Guild Wars 2.



My favorite reoccurring event right now is Moot Monday. I don’t go very often because I usually forget until after the event but the times I have gone have been awesome. It really is just a  bunch of Norn standing around being Norn. With the occasional other race making an appearance. There are a few other events I’m really looking forward to as well. In particular Magitech Expo 1326 sounds like it is going to be a ton of fun. Who doesn’t love Asura!? And yet events like the weekly in character questing on Tarnished Coast, the North American RP server, leave me jealous. I may need to do something about this.



I joined a guild for a short time which promised adventure but then every time I logged in I found half the guild standing in a bar. So I didn’t stick around there long. All the other guild research I’ve done has basically led me back to a bar. Now, maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places but for now I’m still hunting. Until I decide to do something else, like make my own adventure group.



I did run into one roleplayer randomly once. I was trying out an experiment in which I was walking North from Rata Sum for one hour to see how far I would get while still doing any random events that popped up. While in walk an Asura came across me and decided to follow me around for a while before we struck up a conversation. As it happened he is one of the main people behind The Busted Flagon in Divinity’s Reach. Since then I’ve stopped by a couple of times, though mostly I just watch people chat.



So there you have it, my experiences in Guild Wars 2 six months on. Every day I consider more and more making my own group. If that is something I do I’ll be sure to mention it in future editions of Character Development so all of you can join in. I also recently took over the OnRPG Weekly Guild Wars 2 article. So be sure to come back every week to see more about Guild Wars 2. And come back for more Character Development every other week. Future editions will include the new RP advice blog styled after Dear Abby, the perks and downfalls of bar based rp, and much more.

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