Citadel: Forged with Fire: New Creature and Weapon Update

Citadel Forged with Fire Update

A new weapon and creature are coming in this week’s content update for Citadel: Forged with Fire. Players will be introduced to the Blade of Simeon’s Soul, a mystic longsword that will decimate any foe it comes in contact with. In addition, the Abomination is a horrific, vile creature that has deformed mouths filled with sharp teeth, and is equipped with a variety of deadly weapons in its misshapen limbs.

  • The Blade of Simeon’s Soul: This weapon is an elegant longsword enchanted by the soul of legendary sorcerer Simeon! Placed in the appropriate hands, the Blade of Simeon’s Soul can be used to efficiently eviscerate Ignus’ most intimidating adversaries. Crafting this powerful war blade requires several valuable resources, including Iron and Gold Ignots, Irisite, and Dragon Stone.
  • Abomination: The wretched Abomination is the result of extensive dark magic experimentation conducted by the fanatical cultists of Ignus’ past, centuries ago, these monstrosities roamed the plains and tundra freely during the peak of Ignus dark era, but were eventually driven back and contained by the Priests of Neshan during their crusade against the dark arts. The reemergence of these towering behemoths is ominous, and may signal the return of an ancient evil force. Could dark magic in Ignus be on the brink of resurgence!?!
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