City of Heroes: Back in the News

City of Heroes: Back in the News

By Meticulous Meta, OnRPG’s Unemployed Hero



Hello again heroes! It seems like forever since we last gathered here. Of course I know many of us can be found on the Titan Network. Which TonyV and his crew are awesome enough to run. But it is time for me to come out of my semi retirement to talk about our lost love, City of Heroes. Why? Well it has been getting quite a bit of attention since the now quite famous MMORPG panel at PAX East last month in which Jack Emmert expressed an interest in City of Heroes and several others, including Dave Georgeson from SOE said that City of Heroes didn’t deserve to die.



Since word got out about that panel the Titan Network have started all sorts of plans, which include mailing the MMO media to make sure they know what was said and that the good fight has not ended. Now, sadly in a forum post on the Champions Online’s forums, Community Manager Trailturtle talked about an email conversation with Jack, in which it was said that while Jack does have an emotional attachment to CoH (who doesn’t?) there are no plans for Cryptic or PWE to bring back City of Heroes. Sadface. It isn’t actually all that surprising. And I am as well as many others are so pleased that the Cryptic guys have taken notice of the comments and questions and faced them instead of just ignoring them.



But that isn’t the only reason City of Heroes has been in the news recently. Gamasutra recently posted a quite lengthy look behind the scenes at Paragon Studios which came thanks to Matt “Formerly Known As Positron” Miller and others. In it comes the astonishing news that at one point City of Heroes was just one signature away from being saved and that Issue 24 was just two weeks away from being pushed to the live servers. Matt goes on to talk about the anniversary plans which would be kicking into gear quite soon if City of Heroes were still running. They involved Battalion and eventually, a moonbase.



And that brings us to yesterday evening when Massively posted the article “Stop Digging Up The Grave.” In it Eliot Lefebvre called out the City of  Heroes community. Saying that hope was gone, and City of Heroes would never return. Fan reaction has been quite a lot more mellow than I think it would have been just a couple months ago. Many of the comments say that people accept Eliot’s views but they aren’t going to give up so easily. Others see the merit in getting over it and moving on, while a few see the CoH community as a group of fanatical fans who just won’t give up. But that isn’t to say Eliot doesn’t wish the game would come back. Though he admitted just after the closure was announced that he had been taking time off from the game he would love to see it make a return, even offering to buy TonyV confetti if he proves to be wrong.



As we quickly come up to what would be the ninth anniversary, a lot of emotions are going to be stirred up. You may not be able to log into the game anymore but the community is still going strong on Facebook and the Titan Network. And if you’re looking for a reason to get a bit teary have a look at the fan made replica of the City of Heroes website at



No matter which side you fall on this is a time for reflection for everyone in every MMO. Could yours be next? The City of Heroes community is still struggling with the loss. No matter how good a game may be it can’t fill that Paragon City shaped hole in our hearts. Farewell for now, I’ll see you all again for a special City of Heroes article on April 28th, what would have been the 9th anniversary of City of Heroes.



Keep up the good fight my friends.

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  • P_Flux

    We will never give up the fight for City of Heroes. Nor will we forgive NCSoft for their shameful acts in closing the game. NCSoft, Never Forget! Never Again!

    • CoolAid Man

      CoolAid Man here. I miss this game more than any game I’ve ever played. I will never play any game that NCSoft ever comes out with unless it was COH 2 and i can get my heoes that i worked so hard on and spent sooo much money on. DIE NCSOFT.

  • UniBeam

    Thank you for the article. I was also surprised at Eliot’s reaction. He does ask for feedback at the end of each of his articles and he does mention City of Heroes on a semi-regular basis so I’m not sure why this ‘tip’ got such a negative reaction(and really, 4 months is not that long). Oh well, it brings the game into the spotlight though in a slightly negative connotation but hopefully it highlights “appreciate what you have now”.

    And ugggghhhh, so close yet so far with one signature away. QQ

    I’m trying other MMOs but my wallet will be ever ready, if not for the game itself then at least the for IP if it comes back in some form.

    **I missed the confetti part of that ‘discussion’. That is funny. 🙂

  • Please pass this around to any forums and friends you want, anyone who loved City of Heroes.

    Call to Action: Massively comment simply says NCSoft Call Jack! — Click “Like”!,8252.0.html

    Just ask ’em to click! Easiest Call to Action ever!

  • Looking at that fan site almost made me cry. I miss this game (and the people on my server that made it a community) so much.

  • Pyron 2.0

    I miss city of heroes so much. I wish it would come back so I could beat up some nemesis again. It was headed in such a great direction and I wanted to see what was unfolding. I would gladly pay the $15 a month that i payed for 8 years to have it back again.


    yup, coh was great!Not sure why they shut of down, played for 7 years and had 2 accounts .Played on freedom aka Death ultra blade.Been trying game like neverwinter ,marvel heroes ,wow,rift, and the secert world.None can keep me thinking this is not coh and this aint no where that good

  • William Kirk

    Bring back CoH, I miss it. I have played other games since, currently DCUO, and none of them were, or are, as or have the same emotional impact.
    CoH was different, new, and the game interface was perfect (and don’t get me started on the awful costume choices in other games). No game I have played since was as easy to learn, leaving a whole lot of room to enjoy the story. Games like Star Wars the old republic, are absolutely annoying with a requirement to hit specific powers in specific times in order to achieve results – requiring a programmable keyboard. Group content requires perfect timing of you do this, Johnny then does that, then Mary must debuff, then Larry strikes twice, and you then push the blue button. DCUO is terrible in that you never use all the strikes – because it is impossible to remember them… right click right click left click hold (and a bazillion other combos – along with specific powers in order and you cannot use a programmable keyboard).
    CoH never did that to it’s players. I played it from opening to close and if it were here today I would still be playing.

  • Charles SirCharles McLeod

    I had Coh and Cov, I hate they took them down. Those were the best games, the layout was nice the different cities…. Im crying right now, Please bring it back.. Kulturefusion