City of Heroes MetaÂ’s Verse: Lions and Tigers…

City of Heroes Meta’s Verse: Lions and Tigers…


No bears? Oh my. This week the powers that be released the first video of the next pack to come. This one is taking a walk on the wild side. Yes, that’s right! The Animal Pack has finally come! We’ve had it hinted at for months, we’ve been asking for it for years. And now it is coming soon. So, the most important question has to be asked, what is it?


City of Heroes Start

Costume Parts

The costume pack includes a record breaking 60 costume parts. Everything from new heads to various animal prints is included. So which heads have we seen? Lion, tigers, wolves, eagles, leopards and minotaurs. Well minotaurs aren’t really animals are they? But we’re glad to see them anyway! I’m always happy to see anything that means Cimerora will get more attention. Just as important as the new heads are new feet! There are new feet, hooves, claws and talons. Sadly no flippers yet, so my dreams of having a seal super hero are once again put off! Ok, not really but I’m sure someone could come up with something to do with flippers. All these new parts will give us a chance to use some old parts we’ve had laying around, barely used. Like horns!


City of Heros Costume Parts


There are not one but two new auras for our new animal friends. Beastly rage and everyone’s least favourite pest, fleas. I can see fleas being one of the underused auras available. After all who wants to have fleas. I guess the Paragon City pet groomers will have their hands full for a while!

Travel Power

The single most exciting part of this pack, even more exciting than the heads is a new travel power. Just like ninja run it is unlocked at level four and with the click of an icon you’re off running on all fours. It looks pretty painful to me personally I can’t imagine that they don’t end up hitting their knees off the ground. What the video didn’t show us was what the run looks like if you don’t use the monstrous legs. Will it be awkward? Will this be a popular power with the catgirls? When ninja run first came out everyone was using it. Even if it made no sense for the character to be doing so. Will this be the case with Beast Run as well? I certainly hope not. I think travel powers these days are under used and people don’t take them just so they can have better builds. Beast Run is just another option to get away from travel powers. Despite the abuses the power may see I’m excited to have it and will be giving it a go on any animals I make. If you want to see what it looks like check out the video they posted which I will link to later on.


City of Heroes Travel Power


The animal pack not only has a record breaking number of costume parts but it also breaks all records with the number of new emotes. Your beasts will be able to hiss and sniff at things then act savagely. As well as these emotes there are a few new costume changing emotes. Which I think are a favourite amongst the fans. There are two basic options, feather or fur. Both come with two options; burst or fly. I think the feather burst will be the most popular part of the pack after the run. It can be used by angels, birds, or just anyone with feathery wings.


City of Heroes MMO Emotes

So there it is, everything that is the wonderful Animal Pack. A complete turn around from the small, almost lacking packs we have been getting recently. This pack really is proof that the devs are listening to what we have to say about our game. Not only are they listening, they care and want to give us what will make us happy. Now how about that moon base…


If you’re interested in checking out the video for the Animal Pack click here.


The official release date for the Animal Pack is February 23rd. So start thinking of your ideas for new animals now!


Before I release your attention back to the world I want to give a brief news update, just a bit of news.The starting time for the Vanguard Loyalty pack has been delayed slightly. No reason has been given. But this gives more people the chance to get involved.A new periodical has been created by Eric Johnsen, one of our producers. It will feature information about things coming out. The Weekly Strike Target or WTF as people are calling it for this week, February 8th – 15th is Dr. Kahn and Barracuda. Insert obligatory Star Trek and Heart references here. Next week we will be gearing up for our first co-op WTF. So start playing nice with those heroes and villains, you might be working with them next week.


The finally a sad note from the Virtue server boards. After six years the Paragonian Knights, a SG who have always represented the very best that Virtue has to offer is shutting their doors.



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