Conglomerate 451 Launches on Steam Early Access

Conglomerate 451 is the latest title from 1C Entertainment and combines a cyberpunk aesthetic with classic dungeon crawling action. It’s now available on Steam for 15.99 (USD) and is accompanied by a 10% launch discount for a limited time. Conglomerate 451 wishes to go back to the roots of grid-based RPGs, creating a unique experience for its players.

The city is overrun by corruption, and it’s up to you to assemble a squad of cloned agents to restore order in sector 451. Players can alter their agents’ DNA, and install ability-granting neural implants. If that’s not enough, you can also graft powerful cyberlimbs, and hack the world around you mid-conflict. Agents lost in battle lose all of their progress, and must start over as a fresh clone – but even the mildest wounds can evolve into permanent disadvantages.

Key Features:

  • Classic dungeon crawling – Face your enemies in a cyberpunk take on classic, turn-based dungeon crawling gameplay by choosing the best strategy, taking advantage of their weak points and making the most out of your agents’ skills
  • Manage your resources – Make use of your own personal R&D department to research advanced technology, unlocking new features, powers and options for progression
  • More than just body mods – In addition to upgrading weapon and armor proficiencies, augment your body with interchangeable cyber implants that completely change your agent’s skills and utility
  • Pain and Trauma system – Even the smallest wounds can have a lasting impact. By taking damage in combat, agents risk generating permanent Traumas that will follow them between missions
  • Procedural cyber dungeons – Experience the dungeon crawling you love, mixed with future technology as you take on procedurally-generated dungeons and missions
  • If you die in the game… – Each mission could be your last thanks to agent permadeath. Consider every move, because if an agent dies in battle, they will be lost forever
  • Hack the world – Enter cyberspace mid-mission and hack your way ahead of the competition to get crucial intel and give yourself the advantage
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