Conquer Online

Conquer Online is a MMORPG unlike all the others. First off you get to choose between four different character classes. Do you prefer the high defense warrior,duel-weapon trojan,magic using taoist,or the quick archer? Before you can do anything you must gain some levels as soon as you start off before you can do other things.At level fifteen if you want to make some money but dont want to go kill monsters for it you can buy a pickaxe and go mine.There are four to five mines and each have a level requirement before you can enter but they get better dropping gold ore and gems.At level twenty if you find the love of your life on here, marry them.

There are also a lot of guilds on this game or if you dont like any of them once you hit level 90, make your own.The items in this game are quite deadly.The weapons range from swords to hooks and hammers.And you can upgrade all your items with a item called Meteor.That will raise the level of your weapon,armor,etc.And all items have a certain “quality” to them and they are normal,refined,unique,elite,and super.If you can get your hand on a super item, your item will look different from the others as it will have a special aura and be flashing.You have a chance to raise the quality of it with a dragonball.These are really rare to find in game but now you can purchase them from the official Conquer website.

The graphics for this game, to me, are good.Higher levels you must have a lot of patience as leveling will become horrid.The only other problem i have with this game is the constant lag.The game is always laggy and you will get kicked off sometimes.And they are always working on the server so about every other day you will be forced to log off so they can otherwise you stand a chance of losing data.But I think this 503 meg game is worth the download.Overall i give this game a 7.

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