Conqueror’s Blade Beta Begins Today

Conqueror's Blade Beta News

It’s time to armor up and get ready for battle! Booming Games announced that today at 7am EST the beta begins for Conqueror’s Blade. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of challenging events. The Kingdom War event allows players to occupy Cities, Villages or Passes as a House unit which is comprised of 1-40 players. The more territory players conquer, the more resources and materials they can gather, and particular territories offer the chance to unlock rare Legions. Logging in each day, players can also win gold, Legions, equipment and siege weapons. If participants hit a certain level and log in on the eight day, they’ll receive special “Veteran” equipment, exclusive to this beta.

During the test, 10 different weapons will be available to players, each providing unique appearances and abilities. The full selection of famous siege weapons from Eastern and Western history will also be available, including Congreve Rockets, Dardanelles Guns, Hurricane Crossbows and Mortars. Not to mention up to 20 different siege weapons may be selected. Some are critical for breaching walls or destroying gates (Battering Rams, Siege Towers) and some can only be placed in certain areas and require Legions to operate, forcing players to choose their supplies and movements wisely.

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