Cosplay of the Week #2: League of Legends, Gotham, & More

We’re back for week #2 of our new feature, Cosplay of the Week, where we highlight some of the coolest new cosplay and share it with you. While temperatures are dropping around the states, no one here looks chilly!

If you like what you see, make sure to visit the pages for the cosplayers and photographers to support them directly!


Arcade Miss Fortune (League of Legends) by Crystal Santoro
Photographed by PhotosNXS


Ruuuuuuun! (Borderlands Cosplay - Gaige) by Firelight Cosplay

Ruuuuuuun! (Borderlands Cosplay – Gaige) by Firelight Cosplay
Photographed by Matt of Firelight Cosplay


Female Joker cosplay 10 by HydraEvil

Female Joker Cosplay by HydraEvil
Cosplayed by Dark Incognito & Photographed by Akami


Gotham Sirens

Gotham Sirens by Shermie (Harley Quinn), Starship Cosplay (Poison Ivy), & Adami Langley (Catwoman)
Photographed by Chibi Lilie Photography


Original Art Deco Wonder Woman Cosplay

Original Art Deco Wonder Woman Cosplay by Vert Vixen
Photographed by Mig Photography World


Bonus Round: Geek Art of the Week

Star Craft 2 HOTS: Power Overwhelming

Star Craft 2 HOTS: Power Overwhelming by DP-Films
(Available as a 4K Download at link!)


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