Couch Co-Op/Online Brawler Dynasty Feud Arrives on PS4 today in North America

Dynasty Feud - PlayStation 4 - YouTube

One-hit kills, 40+ characters, multiple fighting styles, this and more is coming for 2-4 players on Playstation 4 in Dynasty Feud! It’s live in NA today, and tomorrow Europe. It also includes The Night Party DLC, which introduces a colorful cast of characters who met at a midnight rave. This was recently added on Steam and is free on Playstation 4. Kaia Studios created this, to portray an endless feud between nine unique dynasties, spanning a variety of time periods and backgrounds. Honor your dynasty by taking part in deadly battles alongside friends – or join in random online/offline matches of up to four players. From melee juggernauts to sneaky snipers – along with invisible ninjas and even a TNT-loving cactus – each character has their own strengths and weaknesses. Knowing how to use them in coordinated combat is the only way to stay alive.

“Like most gamers around my age, I treasure the days – and nights! – spent beating my friends in Super Smash Bros. It inspired me to create Dynasty Feud, a lean-and-mean competitive brawler that takes the speed and lethality from the classics up to 11. I can’t wait to see what the PlayStation community does with our very colorful (and slightly insane) cast of characters!”

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