Craft of Gods Review: Expertly Cross Classing

Craft of Gods Review: Expertly Cross Classing
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


Craft of Gods is a new MMORPG developed by Cyberdemon, a Russian Game Company. The game is based on Slavic Mythology and revolves around the fantasy world of Akvilon, a world torn apart by the war between the forces of Light and Darkness. Craft of Gods is Cyberdemon’s first game and is delivering some good stuff as they continue to create game play excellence. The game has an awesome PVP system and sports the famous RVR feature, which guarantees wars like you’ve never seen before. The game is currently in its open beta stage, meaning it still has a lot of room for improvement. Being a new MMO, the game is still bound to run into some hefty competition, and some in-depth comparison regarding its features. Does it have what it takes to compete with today’s MMOs? Let’s see.


Ready! Get Set! CREATE!

There are six races in the game, with three belonging to one of two factions. 

The Kingdom of Light:
– Human
– Velet
– Hyperborean

Reign of Darkness:
– Human (yes, another human)
– Voldkodlaki
– Dyagv


One feature that makes race selection significant is the inclusion of racial abilities. Yes, each one of the races has their own unique set of skills that can aid them in battle or in various other circumstances, making it crucial for players to pick the right race. This means that some races may be proficient in close combat while others can gain the upper hand underwater. A bit farfetched, but it just goes to show how diverse these racial abilities are. The game also sports a different form of classing system as there are no classes to begin with; instead, the game gives players 14 schools of skills and abilities, each branching out into different abilities which further define your character.



Craft of Gods Character Screen 
Character overview


Not only do these schools give battle skills, but crafting skills as well, allowing players to do some in depth customization. Cross classing is strongly encouraged here, and there have been no complaints on balance issues as of yet. Players cannot acquire all the skills but can learn the full set from 2 schools and a half of their third selection upon reaching the max level of 100. This is by far one of the best cross classing features I’ve seen, as players are forced to try out different class or style combinations, allowing them to further customize their character while complimenting their desired play style. A damage-dealing healer? Why not?


PVP Goodness: Whack That Human!

Craft of Gods is a PVP-oriented game and caters awesome PVP features like RVR and Open PVP. Expect bloodshed as you work your way through the game world, as players are free to attack you at any given time.



Another awesome PVP feature is the DemiGod title, which is granted to a player after acquiring points and capturing enemy towers. Know that being a Demi god is essential for those who wish to become stronger as they are granted some excellent crafting powers and special abilities while they hold the title. They can also acquire rare and powerful items during their reign.


Craft of Gods Combat


HAH! You Can’t Gank Me NOOB!

As a hardcore PVPer and avid ganker, I can’t bring myself to appreciate the game’s decision to remove lowbie murder. Yes, players cannot kill those who are way below them as the game only respects “Honorable Combat”, or at least that’s what they call it. This feature may be good for newbies, but the overall idea lessens the hostility provided by the persistent environment. More like instanced combat, if you ask me. In an Open PVP scenario, being mangled by people above you is the best way to encourage players to get stronger. Isn’t this war between Light and Darkness? They sure promote mercy a lot for a game that uses this theme.


Thanks For The Lift!


One of the best parts about playing Craft of Gods is abusing their mount system. Yeah, players can ride any creature to hasten their exploration either by running or flying. If I remember correctly, this is the only game that doesn’t make players grind stuff or lose tons of cash to move faster. This is a blessing for players who never want to experience saving up for a mount again.


Craft of Gods Landscape
Grab a mount and go for a ride


Warriors Like To Play House

Tired of meeting in random places? Craft of Gods offer players the ability to actually own a house in the game. This could be essential for guilds that want to have their own private meeting place to add to the role-playing factor, as each house can be furnished by its inhabitants. There are different houses in the game, so save up and buy big ones. Enjoy playing house guys LOL.


Graphics and Visuals

First of all, the game looks absolutely astounding. Not only do the areas look well rendered, each area tends to differ fromthe last, giving players more diversity during their exploration. The game gives awesome lighting effects, especially when executing skills and charges. One terrible feature would be the characters’ lack of movement. They do a lot of skills and attack with different weapons, but their execution lacks energy and may come off as dull to some. Changing directions while running also gives an awkward impression as the characters barely show any form of shifting, literally looking like running GIF images being dragged in different directions. The shadows are heaven sent, differentiating the bright forests of Akvilon from the darkest dungeons. Awesome textures, crappy movement.


Craft of Gods Summoning


The Verdict

All in all, Craft of Gods seems like a promising MMO game, delivering PVP in both open world and RVR format. The graphics are nice but may come off awkward at times, especially after noticing the dull character movements. The background is awesome and gives off a diverse feeling as you go from one place to another. The lowbie immunity may work wonders for newbies, but may destroy the feeling of hostility, leaving some midranged players “opponent-less” until they reach a higher level. With tons of skills and an excellent classing system, Craft of Gods is definitely something to look forward to.


– Class system
– Tons of Abilities
– Diverse Areas
– Graphics are amazing
– PVP and RVR
– Mounts Mounts Mounts!


– Awkward movements
– PVP limits 

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