Crystal Saga – A Diamond in the Internets

Crystal Saga – A Diamond in the Internets

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist



Crystal Saga is a 2D MMORPG browser game published by R2Games Entertainment and is full of surprises! Not only does it offer a detailed storyline but it also offers a wide variety of features which make the game a lot more fun. Explore and discover a wide variety of pets, mounts, weapons and items. And if you don’t feel like playing alone you can find a group to quest together or farm monsters. Crystal Saga recently went into the beta testing and I gave this game a shot.




The game offers a wide variety of features, far more than I’m used to seeing in a browser-game! You only download the maps you are accessing and therefore you can play it on almost every computer with an Internet connection. You start off by choosing one of the following classes:



The Knight is the tank class in Crystal Saga, the knight has a sturdy physique, and it has the ability to equip the heaviest armor you can get in the game. They have no qualms about standing on the front lines to protect their allies with Melee DPS.



The Rogue deals deadly Melee DPS from a close range, before the blink of an eye they are gone and might be in your back planning for a deadly attack. They take advantage of stealth and devastating close-range attacks to bring down their enemies.




The Priest is the supporting class in Crystal Saga, the priest is known for valuing the wellbeing of allies over their own lives. The Priest uses spiritual energies to protect and heal their companions they travel with.



The Ranger is a class equipped with bow and arrow to keep their enemies at a distance. These skilled archers fire arrows with their bows and use traps to maintain distance from the opposition.



The Mage uses spells to snare their enemies at a distance. Once held in place, they can unleash the full fury of fire and ice to destroy large groups of foes at once.



I chose the Mage because I always prefer classes that fight at the edge of battle. In Crystal Saga you can visit dungeons with friends and other people to clear them out and collect loot. Battlegrounds are also implemented to pacify your PvP hunger. This is the main reason I selected the Mage class because their heavy CC gives you an advantage in most engagements. Just be sure to end the battle quickly or things can get ugly.


You can also trap your own unique Pets that fight alongside you and help you out in the game. These Pets have all unique statistics and skills to help you out in the battle. There are all sorts of pets you can trap and you can have multiple, so trap a bunch and experiment to see which fits your gaming personality! If you are tired of walking or just simply want to travel faster you can obtain Mounts that can be the ultimate travel companion in this game, the mounts felt nearly as varied as the pets!


If you don’t feel like playing for a while or just tired of farming and clicking monsters by yourself, the game has a really weird feature. The AFK mode lets you grind while away; you can select which skills to use and other options. Now I am not sure whether this is a really good feature or this is bot supportive, I have seen many games die because of this so I hope it gets taken out. But if you are a lazy game just like me you can obtain extra levels while you’re doing other stuff in real life!




Crystal Saga is a really nice browser game with up to date graphics. Since it is played in your browser the system requirements aren’t that high so everyone is able to play this game without a problem. Crystal Saga provides a wide variety of features in the game that make this game really one of the best Browser Games out there. You can do dungeons with friends or do Battlegrounds to test your skills. I had a lot of fun playing this game and I would recommend everyone to try this out.

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