CTRacer Interview: Speedhacking Cause of Decline in Players

CTRacer Interview for OnRPG
Questions by Vincent Haoson, OnRPG Journalist
Answered by GM scrapbuks


CTRacer is a racing MMO that’s been up and about for quite a while now. We got the chance to talk to the people who make this game run as smooth as silk. Here’s what they have to say about the game.


OnRPG: With the game already operational for quite a few months now, how has the game been going?

For the past 7months CTRacer experienced Increase and Decrease of players due to encountered problems depends on how the players are affected, recently our game is experiencing confirmed speed hacking issue problem which hinders the enjoyment of the player which resulted to rapid User decrease, but there are plans already effective this month to eliminate the current major issue.


CTRacer Interface


OnRPG: How big is the current player base? Has it reached your target goal for the year?

On our current state we’re having a User decrease compared to the previous months. It is because of the problems stated above, but the good thing is we’re consistent and slightly having an increase to our current User count, we are glad we’re able to meet our planned User counts due to the events offered that kept the interest of the players.


OnRPG: What do you think is the game’s advantage over the other racing games available now?

CTRacer offers a variety of unique game features; this includes the availability of Maps from the original Initial D anime, so basically this attracts Initial D fan boys and those whom have an experience of playing the arcade version of the anime.


The game also offers free roam feature where a player is able to do quests in the main field, this includes the realistic streets from Korea Seoul (Gangbuk, Gangnam) China (Shanghai) they can challenge each other to the main field for a race.


CTRacer Through City
Racing through the city streets


OnRPG: What do you think is the main attraction of the game for players? Why?

Attentiveness of the staff: Fast and accurate solutions for their problems and inquiries with regard to CTracer Global, this made them feel well served and optimistic about the game. Unique and Different events offered to the players monthly: By these ideas we kept them interested and play extra hours our events covers all the resources we have in the game.


OnRPG: How customizable are the cars in CTRacer? Does this affect the game balance?

You can customize your car from its visual performance and its driving performance: Visual performance: This covers the Decals, Car Paint, Under Neon, Wing, Side skirts, and Bumper, Tires, car emblems and Guild Logos.


OnRPG: Speaking of game balance, are the premium items for CTRacer more centered on the player advantage over overall game balance?

The main priority of the players who are loading cash is to buy the latest cash car which of course has a better performance vs. the cars which can be bought by CT (game currency) but still the skill and the way they set up their car is playing major role on winning the game so this promotes balance to the game, except the visual performance since the accessory, neon’s, decals, are available by cash except for the paint job.


CTRacer Beauty


OnRPG: How do you then balance out those who pay to play and those who play for free?

Everyone in CTRacer is treated equally even you have cash nor playing for free you will get the same treatment and reward in event, event’s are created to hone the skills of the players and to promote competition to each other by this way we are able to create a competitive community, sometimes we do host events for cash “The highest player with TOP UP this month Will get reward” or “TOP UP Now and get addition cash” something like that.


OnRPG: Where do you get the decals and designs you use in the game?

Decals from the game came from the original client version of CTRacer which is formerly used by Koreans; also we do supply our own created decals in game which is used for season events like Valentines, Christmas and so on.


OnRPG: Are you planning on putting a limit to how many decals, designs and add-ons players can use on their cars? Or even in the game’s library? Or is it more of a certain design is only available for a limited time only? Why?

Yes there is a limit for our decal there are categories which they can choose where they want to place their chosen theme/logo, decals can be used in sides and hood, we also have top lines, designs are all permanent.


CTRacer High SPeed
Lines look good at high speed


OnRPG: How many cars do you plan to include in CTRacer’s roster?

As long as we can find a way to add more cars to the game we will do it there are no limits to that.


OnRPG: Where do you get the ideas and concepts for the cars you include in the game?

Cars in the game are actual cars from different car companies and others came from the idea of the developers themselves.


OnRPG: What’s the mostly used track in the game? Why do you think players love racing on this track?

Main fields which are Section A, B and Shanghai these are the places where a player can increase their Fame Points, Ranks, Mileage and CT’s, Techpoints (Some parts requires specific techpoint to equip.) and of course they can challenge each other for a race and the winners will get a status rank depends on his win or lose streak.


OnRPG: What kind of battle system is the most used? Why do you thinkthis is the case?

Downhill and Championship mode Battles, They have to practice the specific maps offered by this sections this is for them to train for the upcoming tournaments and hone their skills.


OnRPG: Do you plan on including any new game system changes in the future? Why or Why not?

Yes definitely, this is for our players to see major changes and keep their hype and excitement for the game, also this will attract potential customers to be part of the growing community of CTRacer Global.


OnRPG: What’s in store for players in the future?

Definitely there will be more cars in the market, new accessories, new decal designs, etc. as a major patch.

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