CTRacer Review: A Drive Down Frustration Lane

CTRacer Review: A Drive Down Frustration Lane
By Jason Gallienne (Jrgsubzero), OnRPG Journalist


One of the rarely ventured genres in MMOs would have to be racing games. Mobil Planet is here to try to put its foot into that genre with their game CT Racer.



So, if you’ve played Drift City before then you’ll know what to expect here. You start the game by buying a car. Of course you’re not rich so you’ll be cruising in one of the starter vehicles. You can then either go into a race or try free roam mode. In race mode there’s either Downhill battle, which is basically just a race, or head for the championship races which require a fee to enter.


The real attraction is free roam mode. Here you can do quests, duel other players, and roam around on the open road. The quests consist of a time attack mode which involves going to a certain place on the map within a certain amount of time, a mode where you have to get to points on the map without being hunted down, and lastly quests where you have to hunt down the runners. One of the best perks of this game would be how often there are events, which you can see if you check out the site.



Woosh CTracer
CTRacer: roam the roads


Car Show

You’ll be doing these a bit to grind up that cash you need for new cars. Obviously, you can buy new cars but you can also buy parts. To be able to equip these parts you’ll need to a certain amount of Tech points that you invest in stats, which you get from completing quests.


The different stats are: Power-up, which allows you to equip parts that deal with acceleration and speed, next is the Driving-up stat that deals with handling, the Dress-up stat allows you to put on decorations, the Accessory stat, allows you to put neon lights on the bottom on your car and finally, the Special stat, which deals with the weight of your car and allows for smoother turning. You can paint your car using a red, green, and blue color slider, but to be able to buy the color change you’ll need cash shop money.



Road Block

This game can be very confusing unless you do some research and ask around in-game. The mini-map didn’t seem to help me that much when doing quests as it didn’t tell me which way to go, the only way I could navigate was to open the map every few seconds. The map itself is just a bunch of colored lines and text but at least there are markers for your objective. There are tutorials in game that teach you the basics but those and even some on the game-site look like they were badly translated. The beginner guide on the site even has pictures that are in Korean. Did I mention that if you run out of fuel and have no way of getting cash you can’t play anymore? Also, if you want to change options you will have to leave whatever you’re doing and go back to the starting screen.


CTRacer Interface Screen
CTRacer Interface




The default music in-game wasn’t my style so I was glad to see I could pop in my own MP3s to listen to while cruising. There’s a music player on the screen and you can change the songs while driving. This can be done by going to the game folder, looking for the music folder, and placing your own songs in there.




The graphics are of decent quality but could really use some improvements. The cars look all right but the environment is low-detail. The trees for example look very odd, as if they are made of cardboard. The people that watch you as you race are 2D. The map looks as though it was made in MS paint and the game has a very old, feel to it. Also, there didn’t seem to be a window mode feature and I couldn’t alt-tab out.


CTRacer competition racing
Don’t let anyone overtake you!



In conclusion, I didn’t have much fun with this. The game has a very small but nice community. There are better MMO racing games out there, this one feels like a rushed translation of a sub-par game. But don’t take my word for it, feel free to play it and if you end up liking this, more power to you.


– Unique MMO Experience 
– In-game MP3 player
– Events are hosted often
– Community is welcoming and friendly.


– Navigating can be frustrating
– Some things are translated poorly
– Not many people to do the races with.

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