Cultist Simulator Reveals ‘Anthology Edition’ with New DLC

Cultist Simulator  Anthology Edition

Cultist Simulator, the double-BAFTA-nominated game is nearly one year old, and they’re celebrating with a sweet collector’s edition. This new edition will release on May 30th, 2019, and all of the updates, changes, UX/UI updates, New Game+ and more come with the Anthology Edition of Cultist Simulator. It also features all of the DLC that has been released for the game, and that includes the upcoming Priest and Ghoul DLC (which current owners can purchase separately). This new DLC is a story-centric pair of packs.

One introduces an obscure religion whose followers are gruesome and zealous. The other brings to light a nocturnal bodysnatcher who needs corpses, for reasons that are definitely not going to make your skin crawl or unsettle you in any way. It’s all very above board and legit. This edition also comes with all 15 tracks of the Cultist Simulator OST. This edition releases on Steam, Humble, and GOG at 10 am PDT, May 30th. This will also release for 15% (33.11). If that weren’t enough, Weather Factory revealed that they have begun work on their next game, and news will come between now and May 30th, 2019.

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