Dark Eden

Ya know, as much as I want to give Dark Eden a perfect score, I just can’t in good conscience. The gameplay here is extrememly addictive and easy to get into, but darnit, Eden has its problems.

Ok, first things first. Dark Eden is a vampire/vampire slayer MMORPG where you choose to be an evil vamp, or a goody goody slayer. You’ll have a blast beefing up your character by fighting zombies and various other baddies. The gameplay is so darn fun you’ll wonder where the hours went, and you’ll also be wondering how to get your ass unglued from your seat.

The graphics certainly could be better, though they aren’t terrible. Just be prepared to see the same character models over and over and over and….well, you get the idea.

Dark Eden has excellent sounds though. I love the chilling soundtrack, sets the mood of the game just right. Only downside is the “voices,” or rather groans of the monsters. Expect to hear the same groans over and over and over and…wait, didn’t we already cover this?

The absolute worst thing about this game is definately the player community. Why? Because nearly everyone on the server is speaking Korean. Even though this is the English client, and the game itself is in English, the player community is 98% Korean. So chances are this is probably going to be a solo experience for you. I’m praying that this will change as the game gets more popular, and I hope that more English players sign on.

Even though the communtiy isn’t the best, I still recommend giving this game a try. The fun factor is through the roof, just don’t let the language barrier bother you too much. Hopefully that will be fixed with time.

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