Dark Legacy Review: The Game Misses By A Mile

Dark Legacy Review: The Game Misses By A Mile
By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), OnRPG Journalist


Dark Legacy is a game that messes with you from the start. According to the story you wake up your village which has been ransacked by a marauding band of thieves, you get up from bed only to see that your son was beheaded. You take up the sword that saved your life and start off in your adventures as a person who is being eaten up by revenge.


Storyline? What Storyline

This gruesome welcome is the only thing that resembles a decent storyline in the whole game. Furthermore, the story does not really tie-in to the game’s races. Humans may experience what happened in the introduction but if you look at the description of the other races this is very unlikely to happen to them.


Balance Is Thrown Out The Window

Dark Legacy also has balance issues. It appears that the race bonuses have not been thought as there are no disadvantages per race. Furthermore, some races have similar bonuses. The lack of balance in the racial bonuses really warps the overall gameplay. There is also a “super” race which receives more than the standard race bonus. The presence of this “super” race in the game makes the other races seem weak and therefore makes the game redundant because most players would use the same race for their character.



Dark Legacy’s gameplay is action point based. Almost all actions in the game are hooked to the amount of AP you have. The gameplay for Dark Legacy is nothing special; it uses the same engine as a lot of browser based games.


Dark Legacy


Chatting System

Though there is one thing that makes the game stand out. Dark Legacy has a chat box system where you can communicate with fellow players who are online as well. Though this system is not new to browser games, only a few use this technology. The chat box does balance out some of the games balance however this is not enough to encourage players to keep playing


Farmlands and Fishing

The game does try to entice people to play more by including other systems such as the farmland and fishing systems. Farming serves as an alternative source of income in the game. You buy a piece of land, work it and eventually if you have done well in cultivating the piece of land it provides you the resources you need to build you up for the battles ahead Fishing is similar to farming though it needs more effort. The rewards are the same, but the means of getting them are different. Initially you would think that these two income earning mechanics are two different things, but if you look at it closely they are the same. They are just an attempt for Dark Legacy to make it look like you can do something aside from making your character stronger.


Vanishing Accounts

I’ve stumbled upon a problem in Dark Legacy. Your account seems to disappear after you have verified and logged into the game. The game also registers and shows how many players have created an account on that day, even if you have used the same email account to register. This problem is no laughing matter as it can be a nuisance and you may be mislead by it. Of course I do not need to elaborate on how irritating this problem would be, just imagine, you are already logged into the game and then suddenly when you click a link you are requested to re-login to find as you re-log that your account is erased. I say this as misleading because you may be lured to believe that the large number of players who registered are unique players and that the community is alive and kicking, when in fact it can also mean that the number of registrations you see is the re-registration attempts of just one person.



One of the biggest things any developer should concentrate on is the stability of the game. It would seem that Dark Legacy has a lot of problems in that regard especially in the game balance as well as the game database. For a game that has proudly said that it was released in 2006 and that the game is still   growing I find it disappointing that they would still have problems like this. The disappearing accounts problem is a problem in the game server, and that says a lot as about the people behind this browser game. To be honest the game does not really have that much going for it, the storyline is incoherent to continuity and there is no race balance. It does not bode well that Dark Legacy has these kinds of problems. Having the chat box system and the fishing/farming feature does not mean that it can cover for the lack of anything noteworthy in the game. You do not play a game that is half baked and hope that it gets better in the future.


It also seems that the game has a very low player turnout. It doesn’t tally with the amount of new registrations per day that the game proudly posts on its home page. With this said and done I would say that the game never really had a chance, it would’ve been a nice enough game to play if they were just able to stabilize everything in Dark Legacy.


– The game has a chat box where you can talk with players who are online
– There is a wide variety of race choices that can suit your strategy
– Everything is already provided for you in the game’s interface.


– The storyline does not make sense with the race choices that you have
– The game balance is faulty because some races seem to have no drawbacks
– The interface is cluttered.

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    This needs a new review. It has been 5 years since it was last reviewed and many changes have been implemented.