Dark Throne Review: Generic Gameplay Gets Something New

Dark Throne Review: Generic Gameplay Gets Something New
By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), OnRPG Journalist


In the world of gaming there is never really original gameplay, this applies to browser games as well, where one game after another mimics the same gameplay with a few “tweaks” to their system to make it unique from the rest. The story is the same with Dark Throne. However this game has tweaks that make the game stand out from the rest.


Ordinary is its middle name

The game has the standard four race choice that includes the usual bonuses for gold, offense, defense and spy capabilities for your units. However, Dark Legacy raises the ante by adding job classes that also include a different set of bonuses for the same four stats. To put in simply you can mix up the bonuses for your character with the use of the race and the job class system the game has. This gives the game a slightly different approach for bonuses. However the problem with the job class is that it gives you the first impression that the game is a one-character one-player game rather than a unit-based strategy game.



Dark ThroneAfter getting over the slightly misleading character creation system you are then sent to the overview and interface section of Dark Throne. The game is a unit-based strategy game that is similar to Kings of Chaos. You get to upgrade your structures, set the expertise of your units and attack other players in the old school strategy warfare style. Your attacks and spy missions are linked to your attack points so it’s all in how you use your points that determines your strategy. There is nothing really wrong with the gameplay because it is already tried and tested. However the problem with this kind of gameplay is that it does not provide any alternative means for you to play the game. It’s all wait and attack, for the whole duration of your Dark Throne experience.


Something to make you come back

There is however a game mechanic that makes you come back on a daily basis. Dark Thrones recruiter system, this system is part of Dark Throne’s two-way recruitment system.  Aside from the usual recruitment link that you can send to your friends, the recruiter system is essentially the official in-game recruitment process where you get to click the links of other players. Each click you do is equivalent to a unique click for your character meaning each click provides you with one unit. The recruiter system only allows a limited amount of clicks, however it refreshes daily so the system gives you a reason to log in.


Game Balance

Dark Throne has a balanced game system even with the inclusion of the additional bonuses due to the added job classes. Even the premium account doesn’t give too much of an advantage for those who opt to get it. There are no bonus increases or special stat boosts for those who pay premium, what they get are basically different titles, priority over updates and a more comfortable gaming experience.


Banking without withdrawing

There is a Banking system included in Dark Throne’s list of features. The banking system however has a unique process that is exclusive to Dark Throne. The first unique feature is that there is a limit to the number of deposits you make in the bank. You start off with only three deposits. You earn deposit points the same way as earning your attack points, so it really takes time before you can deposit more in your bank.


The second unique feature of Dark Throne’s banking is that there is a certain percentage that you can deposit in the bank. The game does not really give you the option of emptying the gold you have on hand. I don’t really know why the banking system was done this way, although I think it is likely done this way to make sure players get something out of attacks. Generally the primary problem with banks in this kind of game is that players will deposit all their gold to protect themselves from attackers. So setting a limit to both the number of times you can deposit and the amount of gold you can deposit makes sure that attacking players get something and not end up with an attack list full of players with zero gold.


Also the game only allows you to deposit, there is no withdraw button because the game automatically deducts from what you have in the bank if your gold in hand is not enough for needed expenses. This is very convenient and a safer way to handle game gold because you don’t have to worry anymore that your gold will get stolen by a surprise attack.



Dark Throne is one of those browser games that adds something to the tried and tested. This boosts the overall potential of the game as something that you can spend your time on. Even with the style of gameplay being used over and over again by other browser games. The game has a clean interface that you get used to instantly. This makes the game basic and simple and thus maximizing the core gameplay. It was smart to not bother with a storyline and just stick to the battles.


I find it also interesting that the game has a lot of limitations when it comes to upgrading and the armory as well, as this encourages replay ability because the game gives you something to look forward to. Of course the strong game balance is one of the most important things Dark Throne has. Some browser games tend to throw away game balance, Dark Throne has embraced it and because of this it has made it more appealing because there is no significant advantage premium players have over those playing for free. The recruiter system is another plus for the game because it provides you with an alternative way of earning more units without pestering your friends and relatives with recruiter links.


I must say that for a game that utilizes an overused mechanic, Dark Throne has made its own mark in the browser game genre. The question now is would you be willing enough to spend time to play the game? I know I would.


– The bank system is efficient
– The interface is clean and crisp
– The game has a recruiter system where the game provides a way for players to legally get units in-game.


– The character creation is misleading
– The alignment system has no use as of the moment
– There is a limit to how much you can put in the bank.

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  • Catalin

    Let’s say that the game is almost dead . Not because of the lack of players but because of the lack of moderators/admins . In fact there are none at this moment.
    Others : the bank system is implemented this way to protect normal accounts because in the older versions those who had many accounts used to cheat transferring all the gold to a main account. In gold – the high levels – trillions means nothing. At each 20 levels you need to upgrade the armory. At level 80 you need 200-500 billions to upgrade your armories but each 20 levels the cost doubles. Yes, there is a maths geometric level of cost .The wealthiest accounts are using tens of trillions of gold on +250 levels Because there are tens accounts in higher levels they are making strond camp/attack parties They are starting to mine more and more for billions/day but they also need protection.There are many things to be said here.The fact is the more you are developing your account , the more you are in the need of god/citizens/army/relations. Yes, because of that the game may be boring because any mass attack against any account in high levels may be a strong reason for a war .There are ~300 accounts which have more than 8 years , many of them in high levels. Here you aren’t forced to attack inxp , you won’t lose your turns but if you stay in low levels you won’t receive wealth /population/points bonuses.A 300k population account in high levels is much stronger than an 800k in LL..

    • Lordvans

      good old dt