Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension Coming in Late 2019

Dawn of the Dragons Ascension Image

5th Planet Games revealed the eagerly-awaited sequel to Dawn of the Dragons is coming in late 2019 – Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension. Players will be teaming up with powerful allies and slaying countless enemies that bar their path, as the dragon’s decimated armies are once again growing.

Dawn of the Dragons Ascension Images

These dragons are elevating themselves to godhood, and the great Dragon War will return to Tor’gyyl once again. Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension is a strategic, grid based, combat RPG with a rich narrative and focus on Guilds.  It’s time for players to prove what they are made of and leave their mark on history. Interested players can click this link to get notified when the game is coming, for iOS, Android, and Kartridge (PC).

“Since its original launch in 2010, gamers around the world have been asking for a sequel to Dawn of the Dragons and we are thrilled to be bringing them a new title that will exceed their expectations,” said Robert Winkler, Studio Lead of 5th Planet Games. “Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension will introduce new characters, enemies, gameplay dynamic, locations and experiences, making it one of the most immersive and fun RPGs available.”

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