Dead or Alive 6 Announces Deluxe Edition, World Championship and SNK Collab

Dead or Alive 6 Demo, Esports and More News

Team NINJA took to EVO Japan 2019 and had a wide assortment of announcements concerning Dead or Alive 6. This includes the Dead or Alive 6 Deluxe Demo, their newest esports venture in the Dead or Alive World Championships, and the first news concerning the DOA6 Season Pass 1. This includes two characters from SNK’s The King of Fighters XIV.

Playstation Plus members and Xbox Live Gold members will be able to acquire the Demo on February 22nd, 2019, and it will last until February 24th, 2019 in North America. It will feature online ranked and lobby matches, Free Training, Tutorial, Command Training, Combo Challenge, and a Story Mode introduction. The demo will feature all 24 characters available at launch – all hairstyles and glasses will be available for each of the playable characters.

The Dead or Alive World Championships will also have qualifiers held in North America, Europe, and Asia, with each region’s top players competing at the Grand Finals in Japan. The Qualifiers and Grand Finals total prize will be equivalent to Ten Million Yen (JPY). Team Ninja also concifmred that Mai Shiranui will be joining the DOA6 cast in June as a guest character alongside a yet-to-be-announced character, also from the King of Fighters franchise. These will both be in the Season Pass 1.

DOA6’s Season Pass 1 will be available for purchase beginning March 1, 2019, and will also include 62 new costumes: DOA6 Happy Wedding Costumes Vol. 1 and 2, DOA6 New Costumes set Vol. 1 and 2, and additional character costumes for the two SNK fighters. Season Pass 1 bonuses will also feature new NiCO and Nyotengu costumes. All Season Pass 1 content will be made available between March and June 2019.

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