Dead or Alive 6 Bolsters List of Fan Favorites

DOA 6 new characters

Koei Tecmo recently announced that Dead or Alive 6, the latest entry in the popular fighting series is arriving on February 15th, 2019. To coincide with that, they announced several fan-favorite characters that will be returning to the series. The first announced was Ayane. Ordered to hunt down her half-sister, Kasumi, Ayane’s Mugen Tenshin Hajinmon style of Ninjutsu is as fierce as it gets. The “Killer Kunoichi” is joined by is the Swedish martial-artist Marie Rose. The “Wicked Lil’ Servant” has a Russian Military style and uses a series of tricky moves to outmaneuver her opponents, taking them down.

Next up is the “Super-Secret Fighter Chick” known as Honoka. This 18-year-old fan of professional wrestling and martial arts movies invented her own fighting style known as Honoka Fu. While in her Hissatsu-no-Kamae stance, she is imbued with unbelievable strength.  The last character to join is former professional assassin, Bayman. Known as “The Man Who Overcame Death,” Bayman stands inside the ring with the same kind of coldhearted professionalism that made him such a successful mercenary thanks to his devastatingly-dangerous skills in Combat Sambo. They also debuted in Tokyo the new “LOST PARADISE” stage, where players will contend with massive eggs, Pteradons and a mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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