Dear Esther Now Available for iOS and iPadOS

Dear Esther iOS iPad launch

Dear Esther, by The Chinese Room, is an acclaimed first-person narrative adventure, and it’s now available on iOS and iPadOS devices in the App Store. For 4.99, this mobile version offers a new away to play this award-winning experience.

Dear Esther asks the player to explore the mysterious windswept coastline and shimmering caves of a dreamlike Hebridean isle. Beginning with an unnamed narrator uttering fragments from a letter addressed “Dear Esther”, players must make sense of peculiar markings on the walls, strange machine parts, and eerie, otherworldly sightings.

Gary Dunn, Managing Director of Sumo Digital discussed the release:

“Dear Esther is a timeless example of pushing the boundaries of video games as a storytelling medium. It’s fitting that this incredible game represents Sumo Digital continuing to push beyond what we’re known for. We look forward to The Chinese Room’s next game, Little Orpheus, coming in spring 2020.”

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