Deicide Review

By Salis Renvousa (WerewolfX), Onrpg writer

Deicide is a game I am sure some of you have played, and those who have not should most likely heed the words of this review. While the game is not flat out terrible, it has some qualities that make it for the most part unplayable, but it is by no means bad. Prepare to meet a world of unique creatures, and some that are not so unique, but still belong in this happy fun time game.This is Deicide online, and for those who don’t know, Deicide roughly means “to kill god.” now that just sounds like blasphemy. I think I might like this game.

The history of Adum

Once upon a time, there was but one true god, he was a benevolent god who wanted his creations to prosper, but he decided he need help to create the universe. He then created fellow gods, one of which was Adum, who gave birth to our planet many aeons ago. But he also gave birth to a dark creature, who wanted nothing but to watch the world and us burn. Adum fought with the creature for many days, and finally vanquished the demon, but he himself was badly injured. He retreated from the battle and went to heal.

This was the last we saw of our god, and the last help we ever got from him, and the demon has returned bringing with him many different creatures to cause havoc upon our world. Its up to us to take him down, now raise your swords and fight with me brothers and sisters! 

Moving Images

While I do not fully understand this witchcraft, I suppose I must review it. While the Animations are VERY well done some times, It feels like that they didn’t really try hard enough on some of them, such at the walking animation, its sometimes awkward to watch and looks like he’s ready to drop a deuce in his trousers. The attacking animations can be interesting to watch at first but become a strain on the eyes.

Magic animations are rather boring to watch, seeing as they all look alike at some point, but I suppose that’s par for the course. Textures are low res and the world looks flat at times, other then some hills and mountains strewn around the maps. Monsters in the world have a certain feel to them, some we’ve seen in other medias and some I don’t want to see again, all of them had terrible models and animations.


Do note the action is not as action-filled as implied, But let’s get down to it: this game is slow. Its a standard “sit there and beat the crap out of the guy in front of you” combat, mixed up with spell casting and bows. “Is this a good thing?” you may ask. The answer is “not really”: while you attack you can’t really do anything without breaking out of combat, running to gain ground is completely useless for bows because enemies are as fast as you are. Oh I forgot to mention, that combat takes too long to complete for mobs after the newbie ones. Magic is decent and leveling it with another skill would be pointless. Oh I forgot to mention the leveling system. You have Four main skills, Melee, Ranged, White Magic, And Black Magic. Leveling melee and magic will get you a class of its own, while leveling ranged and magic is another class. It’s rather complicated but this introduction should explain it in more detail. 
Learning skills is confusing for anything other then magic because you have to find skill scrolls, Magic users however can buy them from the general store. As for the combat, think Dungeon Siege, only not as good. The controls are annoying at times and picking upp small items is a hassle, picking up gear however works fine. There is PVP but I could not try it out due to the lack of people. 

Noises in my head

The sound effects are somewhat forgettable, as is the music. The sounds of combat are amusing for a short time, but it can grow on the nerves after a while. The music, as epic as it is, feels out of place in some areas and some doesn’t really convey the danger of the area or of the combat there. I know it’s wrong to throw personal taste into a review but I advise you to bring your own music, it will help you decide whether to continue to play.

I see no people

The community for this game is dead, or hiding in higher level areas, but the new player zone is empty. If it’s not empty it has one or two bots running around, and if it is not a bot, it’s someone who doesn’t speak your native tongue. The forums seem quiet as well, and the complaints and issues seem to go unnoticed, which is never good for an MMO company.

Final Thoughts

Now you may be wondering, “Salis, you god of a man, is this game any good?”, The short answer is “No.” The long answer is: “No, you’re better off playing something that is more fun. Remember fun? I know I do, back in the days of Ragnarok and Helbreath, when Korean MMOs were actually somewhat enjoyable. But now we look out and see an endless sea of mediocrity and people who don’t try. Companies need to learn that they can make more money if they keep their players happy. But there are a brave few who stand up and cast off the rags of a beggar, and prove that they can earn what they want. Maybe I am being a tad too critical with the game, I mean, who knows when this game originally released? As I said go play something else, or take a little time to try out this game. It can’t hurt, right?”

– The story was inventive, it really made you feel that there was some sort of urgency to fend off this beast of chaos.
– I saw some unique creature designs, and some I never expected to see.
– While combat was slow, the sword and bow animations were well done.
– Weapons and armor were authentic for the age this tried to take place.
– The animations could have been better.
– Sound can get annoying and repetitive.
– Combat is sluggish and slow.
– Leveling is rather confusing if you are just starting out.
– From what I can tell the game has not been updated in a while.

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