Demon Lord Rises in OnRPG Office

Demon Lord Rises in OnRPG Office
By Nic van ‘t Schip, OnRPG, Portal Manager for


Mystery packages are always welcome and this morning we had a huuuuge box waiting for us at the reception.


The sender, Frogster in Germany, gave us a hint what it could be and imagine our glee when we saw that our hopes got confirmed:

Demon Lord Pieces
The Demon Lord in pieces


Yes, the nice folks at Frogster saw fit to send OnRPG a new employee: The Demon Lord!


Not ones to fear away from a challenge we got started on the assembly straight away:

Demon Lord Building
Putting the Demon Lord together


As you can see the OnRPG office has previously been pimped by Frogster, thanks for the mousemat guys!


In the beginning it was quite easy but when the large wings were being assembled it became a true team effort:


Demon Lord Final
Helping Hands


And after a short while our work more than paid off, here he is in all his 18 inches (45cm)! And if you thought the height is impressive, the wing span is quite a sight as well!


Final Demon Lord
It’s huuuuge!


Seeing this Runes of Magic villain dominating our desks makes us think back to this screenshot we posted of him a little while ago in this interview by Joshua.


You can admire him in action in this trailer as well.


So, thanks Frogster for sending us the latest addition to the ever growing OnRPG team!

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