Destiny Online Interview: Keeping Up with Good Features Includes FaceBook

Destiny Online Interview: Keeping Up with Good Features Includes FaceBook

Questions by Mohammed Afzal, OnRPG Journalist
Answered by Mackenzie Ma, Media Relations Manager for Destiny Online


Onrpg: Could you introduce yourself, please?
Mac: My name is Mackenzie Ma and I’m the Media Relation Manager of Destiny Online.


Onrpg: The most obvious question had to be asked… Why did you change the game’s name from Legend of Golden Plume to Destiny Online?
Mac: Well, the back ground story of Destiny Online was originally based on an ancient Chinese legend in which “plume” could be seen as a centre point, a crux. In our game we do have these “Golden Plumes” planned as part of the storyline. And if you can collect all seven Golden Plumes, you will be able to produce some kind of ultimate weapon with them (the details of which we are keeping under wraps for now!). However the game has not yet been developed to the stage where we can reveal that weapon just yet. So we figured we should change the name to a more understandable one. “Destiny” was actually selected by our players on our forums, where we tend to ask for our player’s opinions on a regular basis. It really is a cool name, and we feel it fits closer to the game at this stage. And furthermore, Destiny Online is much easier to remember. We also feel that it fits more closely with our X Online branded image.


Busy Arena

Busy Arena in Destiny Online


Onrpg: One of the most important features of Destiny Online is the Pet System. What’s so special about Destiny’s Pet System?
Mac: Most of the pets in Destiny Online actually used to be monsters. You want a pet? Go catch a monster. Instead of killing monsters, you can choose to catch monsters and turn them into your own pet. So in the different stages of your game play, you can always have the most suitable pet for you. Also we released a new feature called Pet Farm in our second expansion pack in October. It extended the Pet System of Destiny Online to a more colorful stage. In Pet Farm not only can you raise pets but you can also have pets that work for you. It provides lots of interaction between the characters and their pets. So in conclusion, pets play a pretty big role in Destiny Online. Having the right pet and training it right sometimes could be critical to your success in the world of Destiny Online.


Onrpg: Can you ride your pets as well? How does that work?
Mac: So far pets in our game can’t be ridden yet, but who knows what the future holds. However, we do have a selection cool mounts to ride. From fierce Polar Bears to the more extraordinary Purple Elephant, the choice is entirely down to the player!


New Mount

Brand New Mount


Onrpg: Pets can acquire new skills by using a “Pet Certificate”. Could you tell us a bit about all the skills that a pet can possess?
Mac: Sure. Pet Certificates are the way to learn extra skills beyond the random ones gifted to the pet upon their capture. In Destiny Online, pets are more than just some lovely monsters you own…if you train your pet well, get the right skills for it, it can be a crucial part of your own training. So far we have more than 60 skills for pet including defense, attack, cure and much, much more. All elements have a part to play, fire, water, thunder and earth. Every pet can have at most 10 skills. With these skills, pets can be your assistant during your fight against monsters. And they sure can be really strong.


Onrpg: Experienced players can help out new players by establishing a Master-Apprentice relation. How does this work and what are the benefits?
Mac: The Master-Apprentice System is a special feature of Destiny Online. We built this system because we don’t want to leave anyone behind and we hope the newcomers can have just as much fun as others in game. With the Master-Apprentice System, the master will receive extra EXP bonus when the apprentice levels up, while the apprentice gains certain attribute bonuses (PA/MA) and EXP sharing (10% extra). It pretty much shows the spirit of the game community, helping others and having fun together. Of course, we also encourage in-game Masters to act as a real life one would, and to help guide our players in the right direction, or even to help them train their apprentices up! It’s just something that you find happens in the spirit of the game!



Level Up with extra EXP


Onrpg: Having a Wedding System in a game sounds pretty awesome. What are the requirements to marry?
Mac: The requirement is pretty simple actually. As long as both of the characters are above Level 30 and they are single in game, they can get married. We tried having more stringent requirements earlier on in the game’s development, but eventually decided that there should be no bars to love!


Onrpg: What are the benefits of marrying someone ingame?
Mac: I think it’s really fun to have an in-game wife or husband to fight together with in-game. Moreover, in Destiny Online there are three special skills are only available for married couples. For example, you can transport your spouse to your side instantly, you can cover your spouse’s damage or you can even both receive extra PA and MA. It adds extra fun to the game.


Onrpg: Being part of a tribe, better known as a guild, gives players the opportunity to chat with their friends and meet new players. Are there any other benefits for joining a tribe?
Mac: Yeah, just like what you said, being in a tribe is one of the best ways to make friends in game. Besides, in Destiny Online, we have special Tribe Skills that you have to join a tribe to learn. Those skills could be really important to character building. You can get yourself massive stat boosts from the skills and really give yourself an edge over the competition! And also tribal way is one of the many fun parts of the game. The excitement of team work with your buddy can only be experienced while in a tribe. Nothing is quite so satisfying as working together to fight one of the daily tribal bosses, or strive to save an extra few silver to help boost up the skills available from your tribe! This really helps build the community spirit!


Onrpg: That means that Destiny Online has couple skills, tribe skills, basic skills, combat skills and some “Life skills”. Could you give us some information about the life skills and their exact purpose?
Mac: Life skills in Destiny Online so far are mostly related to crafting. You can learn to make advanced Potions, Weapons, Armor, Boots, Rings, Necklace, etc. The skills in Destiny have both variety and depth, and it will take a long time and quite some effort for a player to learn them all. With Life Skills, you may craft unique equipment of your own. So it is one essential part of our Skill System.


Farm Water

Casual D.O. Game


Onrpg: The Pet Farm feature has been released last month. It seems very appealing and unique, but it is pretty confusing for many players. Would you mind informing our readers about this amazing feature?
Mac: Well, ever since we released the Pet Farm feature, we have become aware of the big interest it gained from our players. And it really is a very special feature. Basically, everyone can have a farm to raise pets. As the farm owner, you can catch all kinds of pets to be your worker pets. Different worker pets provide different elements which will lead to different outcomes from the process. As long as you get the element formula right, you will get whatever mutant pet or item you want. And they are not just there to look pretty, they actually have bonus stats. So, it’s pretty cool. Pet Farm is kind of like a mini game in the game. And right now we are working on more function of the Pet Farm which will allow more interaction between players. And we really hope it could make our community even more active.


Onrpg: Destiny Online players are not satisfied with the current content of the game. Are you going to release anything special in the near future? Could you tell us a bit about these upcoming updates?
Mac: I do have some very fresh news to share. There are a lot more features we will provide to our players in the future. And the first of which is already on its way. We will release 7 special instances in a few weeks. These instances have never-seen-before new maps and lots of cool monsters. They will provide really fresh gameplay experiences to the players. And also, the new tribal war system (which I think is maybe the most exciting new features in our plan) will be brought to the forefront. The rules have been totally re-designed together with a bunch of new maps and new equipment. So this will definitely spice it up a bit! And also there will be new stuff like protecting the buff and scrambling spot. The exact details of these features will be released closer to the time however. So the new tribal war will be much more intense an experience and fun to play.



PetVille FaceBook Game


Onrpg: PetVille, a Facebook application, has been released this month. Could you tell our readers a bit more about this application?
Mac: Sure. Destiny PetVille is a Facebook application that was built based on Destiny Online. You can consider it as a “Spin-off” of Destiny Online. Facebook provides a way we can communicate with our players more directly and more instantly and we do actually have a pretty active community on Facebook. So the application is made to help the communication to be in a more fun way. You can choose a pet from Destiny Online in that application and then use the pet to do interactions with your friends, like kiss or hug. Every interaction will either get you or cost you some Pet Points. Of course the key point of the application is to have fun with your friends, the Pet Points can be seen as bonus. They will be able to be exchanged into the currency of Destiny Online.


Onrpg: I have read on your site that you pay players for playing Destiny Online. That sounds pretty…. strange. Could you tell us how it works?
Mac: This is another unique feature that we have in Destiny Online. What we mean by “Pay you to play” is that for each hour you are in game, you will be paid some bonus “Gold Points”. And Gold is the precious in-game currency which in most cases can only be purchased with real-life money. With “Gold”, you can buy so many goodies in the Destiny Item Mall. We think giving our players free Gold can help those who don’t spend real money on game to also enjoy all the different functions too. So the difference of game experience between them is pretty small. We don’t want Destiny Online become those game which only those who spend money can enjoy. The “pay you to play” feature is our way to thank our players and it also make the economy in-game more active.


Celebrate Christmas

Celebrate Christmas in Destiny Online


Onrpg: Is there anything else you would like to mention?
Mac: As you know, Destiny Online is provided by Our goal is to be the best online game provider with the best service for the players. Besides Destiny Online, we also have Magic World Online, Phoenix Dynasty Online and Zodiac Online (which has recently been released into it’s final CB stage now). We want to grow with our players who are really supportive and we will try our best to provide the most memorable game experience for them.


Onrpg: Thank you for your time!


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