Destiny Online Review: Who Says Playing Won’t Pay?

Destiny Online Review: Who Says Playing Won’t Pay?
By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), OnRPG Journalist


Destiny Online is your typical F2P MMORPG with a flimsy storyline and a myriad of game features that aren’t innovative in the MMORPG scene. These features are definite necessities for providing a mix of entertaining game play and an interesting online game which Destiny Online brings in spades.


First Impressions

Upon seeing the promotional video I immediately assumed that Destiny Online is an online game that has the elements of MMORPGs and online dating. However, as I played the game my assumptions were dead wrong. I’d have to stress the fact that the advertisement you are seeing on the website is a viral video. In fairness to the ad however, it did capture the game’s bubbly, feel-good atmosphere that greets you once you’ve logged in.  It brings a harmonious mix of cutesy animations and graphics and a familiar game play system that rivals every feature packed MMORPG out. However, the game still lacks the proper “oomph” factor that you would be looking for in an MMORPG.


Destiny Online



As I mentioned earlier, Destiny Online uses a very familiar gameplay system that every Asian themed f2p MMORPG uses. So don’t expect any surprises upon playing the game. The familiarity of the game play does however provide you a sense of comfort while playing which may be a good or bad thing for you. The game also uses a stat point build system that we often see in a lot of Asian MMORPGs. This provides you with enough familiarity that you don’t need a lot of time to understand how things work and it provides you with enough customization to satisfy your basic needs.


How it Looks

In terms of appearance customization, the game enables you to “clothe” your character depending on the armor you use. However, you won’t get to see all the equipment your character wears which is a letdown. The game doesn’t provide much customization with how your character looks. You only get to change the hair color, hair style and gender of your character and that’s it. To be honest, I don’t think that you will really concentrating on these aspects of the game as you play. The way I see it, the game doesn’t really care much in terms of the customization because it’s not really a game that provides as much eye candy as any the next game, but then, that’s not the game’s strength anyway.


Char Overview



Destiny Online offsets the lack of stunning visuals and innovative game play with a ton of game features. The game has a lot of features you’d find in other games and more. It has a marriage system, a pet system, guild system in the form of tribes, tribe wars and PvP. In fact, the pet system is so in-grained in the game play that you get a pet as early as level 10. The features in the game will make you want to keep on playing just because they’re there. The other thing I liked in Destiny Online’s list of features is the master and apprentice system. The game’s master and apprentice system isn’t exactly exclusive or new but what I liked about it is that the high level characters are very enthusiastic and active. In fact I was helped through the early stages of the game by a high level character. The nice thing was that she sent me the permission to become my master when I had just been playing the game for ten minutes.


Pay you to Play

While I was with my master (ign: Xaleria) she told me that the game in pays you one gold per each hour you play. In Destiny Online the currency is segregated into three, you have silvers (the smallest currency), gold and bullions. The compensation system seems to be a measure of Destiny Online to make its players keep on playing without being too obvious about it. Personally, this kind of system won’t keep me playing but it is a good way to at least keep the interest of the players. Though the effect of this is that the economic system is inflated but it’s not that high that newbies can’t really cope with the prices.




Bot System

In my history as a MMORPG player, I think Destiny Online is the third MMO I experienced that allows a bot system in-game.  In fact, Destiny Online has three types of bot programs that you can use. Upon starting the game you get to use a bot program for about an hour before it expires. Destiny Online’s bot program is primarily geared to automated PVE gameplay. To use this legal program however you need to purchase premium points before operation. Also the bot program duration is time-locked to better maximize the “income generation” capabilities of this system.


Destiny Online



Overall, I liked my brief foray into the world of Destiny Online. The game still has a lot of things to let you experience that words fail to describe. The game’s strength is not its competitive gameplay, visual looks or even its features. If I may even be so bold to say it, but the main reason why players will play Destiny Online is it’s simply a fun game to play. Dissecting the game into different categories will show that it’s not really a good game to play; however, the true beauty of the game is composed of these separate parts which make Destiny Online a truly enjoyable online game. Player s who are looking for something serious and fun then I suggest you move on to another online game. If you’re the type who longs for a fun game and isn’t really choosy on what he/she sees and experiences then I suggest you try out Destiny Online.


– Newbie Friendly
– Gameplay is easy to understand
– Tons of features
– Provides in-game money compensation for playing.


– Provides nothing innovative
– Lack of in-depth customization features
– The gameplay’s too familiar.

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