Diablo III Countdown: Skill Calculator

Countdown to Diablo III: Item Database and Skill Calculator

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist



In this article I’m going to discuss the recent renovation to the Diablo III website that allows players to view hundreds of gear items! Not only is it possible to look up weapons and equipment, Blizzard also released a skill calculator on the website so you can start making up builds! I love to see the artistic models for every piece of equipment because that next bit of shiny gear is what keeps me going towards end-game day in and day out.



Now let’s start off with the weapons, who doesn’t love a really sharp axe or a really long sword with different curves in their hands? I will start off with the sharpest tool in the shed, the axe!



The first one handed axe is just plain and simple and gives around 3.2-4.5 DPS and deals around 2-3 to 3-4 Damage. Now this axe is just looking plain and simple but hopefully you an intimidate mobs slightly better than just with your bear hands. Now this on the other hand:



It looks really awesome! You can see that the axe shows off quality and power and only a single step up the axe hierarchy of power! This really shows that Blizzard has a lot of designers that know what the community wants and can turn those general demands into eye-candy for the masses. Now to make every axe look really awesome would end up making no one feel special. So they also have added high level axes that look plain and simple like the first axe you will most likely start with. These items will most likely be NPC placeholder items that you might use temporarily while farming the good stuff. Some examples of good looking axes:



Now I am not going to show you every weapon because that will spoil the fun of searching through their website yourself. But I will show you some of my personal favorites for each weapon type. Before that though let’s discuss the established tiers of weapons in Diablo III. There are Common weapons that most likely will be found at every shop and will be easily found as random drops from the monsters. The second rank of weapons you can get are Crafted weapons; these items will most likely be crafted as the name suggests and so can be made by the player. The 3rd rank that Blizzard gives us a sneak peek of is the Legendary weapons. These weapons are really hard to get and will most likely only drop from the higher level bosses so expect to do a lot of farming or pay a pretty penny in the auction house to get your hands on one. This doesn’t mean there will be other ranks of levels, there will be Magic weapons, Rare weapons and Set weapons as well that people can find as a drop by killing monsters.



Now here are a few other low level weapons that are available in Diablo 3 and that people can get by killing monsters or visiting a weapon vendor.



These are available from the first level and look really simple, however after around 10 levels you can get these beauties:



As impressive as these are, they pale in comparison to Legendary weapons:



Now these weapons really make the player strong looking and if I would ever face someone with one of these weapons in PvP I would probably run for my life till there is no place I can go anymore.


In terms of armor I was worried the World of Warcraft designers were going to impact Diablo III, resulting in outlandish unrealistic looking gear. Luckily the Diablo 3 pauldrons are taken serious as armor and the designs aren’t going sky high with floating orbs and such.



Now let’s take a quick look at chest armor, the last armor piece that I will be showing you in this article. With chest armor the game shows you what kind of level you are. The chest armor is the most visible and really sets you apart from your surrounding peers. In Diablo III the power difference between each set seems quite apparent:



Skill Calculator

Blizzard recently put the skill calculator on their website. With this calculator you can have some fun in an interactive environment testing out various runes and skill combos. If you’re impatient like me for this game’s launch and want to try it out for yourself, then make sure to give it a try. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/



With the Skill calculator you can pick one of the five classes that are currently announced and available in the beta. After picking the skills you wish to use in your build you can also pick different runestones that will give your skill extra bonuses. These include but are not limited to dealing extra damage, a stunning effect or even a buffing effect such as healing when you sweep your first strike. With the announcement that launch has been pushed back to 2012, I’m sure quite a few bored players in waiting will be producing their ultimate theorycrafted PvP and PvE builds on the community forums for months to come.

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