DOFUS Online

Graphics 8.5/10:

The graphics were very good indeed, if you take into consideration that this IS a Flash game, and that it is only a 40 megabyte game. The graphics were very modern and doesn’t resemble something from the 1990’s. They were cute, and when too many people walked into a map, they turned into funny blob-like creatures reflecting your class. The animations for Professions were very well done, and the enviromental graphics were tuned. There were minor text issues, like the K in Talk was a bit cut off at the top and things like that.

Overall, I enjoyed the graphics and found them to be funny and enjoyable to look at.
Note: Funny animations appear when

-Tree pops back up
-Monsters Die

Gameplay: 6/10

Gameplay is where this little game did less than planned. The interaction with your enviroment was so realistic that you have to wait for more trees to pop up before you get to cut em, mineral veins have to come back ‘fore you mine ’em, etc. The professions are really fun to do aside from constantly killing monsters on your way, hopping around the globe finding ingredients to gather, cut, and the like, although getting the Professions themselves are not as easy as you think, in fact I think that’s the reason I lowered the score from a 7-6, there are almost NO indications on the map to where a certain major location is, you can see the basic icons on the map, but there is no legend, your wandering around for an hour wondering where the heck that guy who wanted you to go around killing hundreds of monsters, is.

Despite the Hacking and Slashing of the game, the battles themselves are fun if you have the time to spare it. PvP Battles is like going in an Instance if you’ve played WoW. You need alot of time to do them, especillay in Team PvP (Dear God). I swear, after 20 minutes of Team PvP, we were still at Full HP…but I was the only one dead (Stupid Healer). The game does require alot of smarts to plan it out. But the classes are overpowered while the Healer is stuck being the most underpowered class in existence.

Straying from the Combat, you can buy houses or spots to meet up in, you can create guilds, and other things. These are neat attributes to make gaming fun.

Music & Sounds: 8/10

Well, mainly being in Amakna and the noob place, I found the music to be good to listen to while fighting, travelling, etc. It was a foresty-melodish-upbeat kind of music, but it got repetetive after hour 8 at which point I shut off all means of it playing that horrible repetetive tune (The tune on no repeat is probably about 5 minutes..or longer I forgot) and just turned on some Sweatshop Union.

The sound effects themselves are well done, humourous at times, realistic effects and the sort, they add to the realism of the game and they don’t leave the game to be dull. Good sound effects.

DOFUS passes with great colours in Music and Sound.


This is about it I can think of for DOFUS. To sum it up; You’ll first want to have a love of Tactical MMORPGs, have lot’s of time if you want to devote yourself to PvP, and enjoy slaughtering monsters. I like this game for it’s fun points at times. The classes are great fun in PvE.
You should at least try it once.

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