Dragon Fable Review: First Impressions

Dragon Fable Review: First Impressions

By Umar Farooq (Kluey), OnRPG Journalist



When one comes across a browser game he expects a game with crap graphics, poor game play and horrible community. He or she usually assume that the game will be full with children who think downloading will give them viruses and blow up their computer. Dragon Fable is an animated fantasy RPG that can be extremely addictive.  Although Dragon Fable is F2P (free to play) it has an exclusive “members” option.  This is called the Dragon Amulet upgrade which unlocks exclusive areas and powerful items. Dragon Fable is constantly updated and is totally worth your time especially since you won’t spend anytime downloading it!


Starting out:

The character creation is pretty basic and surprisingly much more convenient than the complex ones you see in today’s games.  There are only basic changes you can make to your character. These include gender, class, hair, skin, and armour. There are tool tips you can read before choosing a class which is always nice. All in all, I like the character creation and it doesn’t have all the unnecessary elements like 3D previews or proper body physics.


Dragon Fable New Character



The combat in Dragon Fable is very simple. I think if they were to work on one thing it would definitely have to be the combat.  Dragon Fable as you already know has a turn based system for combat. You can select skills to use which do have a cool down measured in turns to avoid making the combat have too much skill spam.  The skills at early levels aren’t the greatest graphic-wise but later on the combat does get pretty intense and extreme. I think that monsters look amazingly good. The concept art behind them really stands out.


Dragon Fable 20crit


Potions in Dragon Fable play a huge role. It is not as potion spammy as games like Maplestory but without potions the combat would be so much more boring and very, very grindy as monsters your level or higher usually take out a chunk of your hitpoints in each hit. You can also heal via Rolith and a handful of other NPCs’.


Dragon Fable Bear



I really enjoyed the cheesy but fun story of Dragon Fable. It gets you away from the serious “oh my god, if you do not stop x, y and z will take over the world and the entire world will enter hell!!!!” and puts you in a relaxed mood.  Right away you are introduced with the words ” A hero is born bored” and it makes you chuckle and relaxed. The game jokes about fighting dragons at level one rather than puny rats. When you start to get in a battle stance, a little goblin-like characters comes out along with a princess and it turns out, they were just passing by. It continues to impress you by having a weird princess who doesn’t mention that her treasure box has been stolen because you were “in the moment” and she didn’t want to bother you. I think that the guys behind Dragon Fable did really well in making the game enjoyable and not too hardcore.


Final Verdict:

In conclusion, Dragon Fable is a spectacular choice if you want to get away from hardcore games and just sit back, relax and enjoy a nice game. If you’re looking for something that is competitive and takes 150% of your focus, Dragon Fable is a poor choice. If you’re looking for a nice game to kill some time on, Dragon Fable is a fabulous choice and you shouldn’t hesitate to try it out.



Has a comedy element and almost never gets boring

-Not a lot of grind/ Not very time consuming

-Easy to get started. No download, activation or even waiting time.


-Dragon Amulet gives a bit too much in my opinion.

-Not a long term game. Do not see myself playing this a month later unless it gets some serious updates.

-A lot of misclicking and can sometime be frustration.

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