Dragonica Europe Preview: The story of Dragotaka

By Mohammed Afzal (MageMoa), Onrpg writer
Dragonica, published by Barunson Interactive, hosted by Iahgames and soon by Gpotato EU, is the first 3D sidescroller in the world of MMORPGs. Dragonica is a MMORPG from the newest generation of games. The game offers us horizontal, but also vertical movements in a side scrolling view. Other than that, we can find ourselves in a world full of action, flashy skills and great graphics. The game has been tested in three countries so far and after Iahgames, Gpotato Europe decided to host the European version of Dragonica, which’s Closed Beta will be held from May 13th until May 22nd.   Before the Closed Beta of Dragonica EU gets released, we of Onrpg had been given the opportunity to test the game and write a preview.


Unique from the beginning is how I would describe Dragonica. From the first moments in the game until the last second before you log out, you will notice a great sphere full of uniqueness. It all starts at the character creation window. After you log in, you will notice a dragon standing in a forest, watching your characters. There are four character spots, which means that you can try every class without having to delete your characters or create a new account.
The character creation of the game is also decent. You will be able to pick a hairstyle from the many available ones, select one of the beautiful hair colors and one of the amazing faces. And then, it is time to choose a class! You will be able to choose between four classes; Warrior, Magician, Archer and Thief. But as I have explained before, the game is a one of a kind, which means that there is more. There are two job advancements for every class with two different ways to choose, which means that there is a total of twenty different jobs! Let me explain all the classes for you:
Archer – Archers are known for their strong ranged attacks, but in Dragonica, they are also able to handle some enemies in close range. After finishing the job advancement quest, archers are able to choose between the jobs Arbalist and Pathfinder.
Arbalists specialize in archery by using crossbows, but that’s not everything! Arbalists also have the ability to use grenades, machine guns and missiles. An Arbalist can advance into a Grenadier at level 40.
Pathfinders keep their bows and arrows. They are fast, strong and they cannot be missed in a great party. A Pathfinder can advance into a Ranger at level 40.
Magician – The beautiful class of offensive and healing magic.  They are incredibly strong, but their lack of defense makes it hard for them to fight alone. After the job advancement, a magician will have to choose between the healing Monk and the offensive Battlemage.
Monks are the key of a strong team. They can heal and resurrect their friends, but they can also attack their foes. At level 40 a Monk will be advanced into a Priest.
Battlemages rely on their offensive magic and they are able to take out a high amount of enemies at once. They will be advanced into a Warmage at level 40.
Thief – The quick and stealthy class. They rely on their speed and their ability to dodge attacks. A thief will be able to pick between the jobs Jester and Assassin.
Jesters use claws to attack their foes. As a jester, you will be able to reach a high amount of combos, because of their incredibly speed. A Jester will be advanced into a Harlequin at level 40.
Assassins are known for their poisonous attacks with their katars. They are fast and dangerous, even for themselves. An Assassin can change into a Ninja at level 40.
Warrior – The traditional melee class of every game. With their high defense and hit points, they are able to protect their friends from dangerous species. Warriors can choose between the jobs Gladiator and Knight.
Gladiators are the strongest melee class of Dragonica. They can deal a high amount of damage with their two handed blades and swords, but their attacks are slower than the Knight’s. They will be promoted to Myrmidons at level 40.
Knights have a better amount of defense, but they can also deal pretty decent damage. A Knight will be able to advance into a Paladin when reaching level 40.


The English versions of Dragonica might not be fully released yet, but they already have some interesting features. One of these features is the Housing System. You will basically be able to create your own house and decorate it with furniture’s and more!
The second feature I would like to discuss, is the PvP option of Dragonica. Every player that is at least level 10, will be able to create his own PvP room. Any other player will be able to join the room. Other than a regular Death Match, which can be played as a single match or a group battle, there is also the possibility of playing “The Last Man Standing”. This PvP mode will give every player only one single life, which means they cannot resurrect, and release them into the battlefield to take out their opponents. The game can only be played as a group battle, which means that the last person’s team wins.
Some other features of Dragonica are the Guild function, which will allow you to create your own guild; and the Couple function, which will allow you to marry your boy- or girlfriend. Be warned: the game only offers its players to marry the opposite sex. These functions have not been tested by us, so we cannot give you our opinion about them.

Personal opinion

A great game, from the beginning until the end! It has really surprised me and I didn’t expect so many good from this game. The game definitely gives us what we always wanted from a MMORPG. Great graphics, challenging battles and missions, unique skills and features and easy controls can all be found in Dragonica, a game for young and old. I had some difficulties with placing all my skills on a single skill bar, but Gpotato’s Dragonica will have a second skill bar to avoid any problems. I can’t wait for the release of the game and I will recommend you all to play this fantastic game!
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