E-Sports @ OnRPG: February 6th Report

E-Sports @ OnRPG: Febuary 6th Report

By Umar Farooq (Kluey), OnRPG Journalist



February is a new month in E-Sports and will most likely be the busiest month this year. All the tournaments are starting up and the first showing and impression are the most important. In addition, teams will have new contracts with both players and sponsors.



MLG 2012

I have waited a long time to write about this and here it is. MLG in 2012 will be very different from MLG 2011. Last year we had MLG events that would be 3-4 days long and crown a champion every month. This year, MLG will have seasonal championships now spanning multiple months and use online qualifiers instead of a point system. This allows for more of a character build-up, which will make it much more enjoyable for fans. The storylines in 2011 were pathetic and that should change. The best we had was maybe NaNiwa saying he wanted to win the final MLG at Providence or BoxeR training harder than anyone at the event. With Online Qualifiers, we can see players create rivalries that build up to intense live confrontations, as well as new players establish themselves over the long season by overcoming fierce seasoned competitors.



The Online Qualifiers will be from the regions: Europe, North America and Korea. Players can choose which qualifier they would like to participate in and that worries me. If IM_MVP decides to participate in the North American qualifier, he will more or less be getting a free spot in the tournament. This also will add the ‘metagame’ of how all Koreans will come to North  America so us North Americans will try to be smart and go to the Korean server and so on. I would much rather prefer a system where you play in the region that you are currently living in. All in all, MLG will be amazing this year as they have experience, a large fan base and a well thought out tournament format.



Stephano Forfeits the ONOG finals

Stephano had this ingenious idea in mind. He would participate in two tournaments with $1000+ first place prize and win them both. Only downside is that he would have to stay awake for around 18 hours and play over 50 games in that one day but Stephano did not think this was a problem. He decided to put his ingenious plan to practice and it was all going well until his second finals, which under normal conditions he easily could have won. He had been awake for more than 14 hours and could not play. He told the tournament organizers he could not play and went to bed while Kas and Illusion battled it out for $1500 dollars.



Everyone agreed that Stephano should not have done this and was a bad decision to play two tournaments on the same day but I think that another issue should be addressed. This very much does not affect Stephano. He might get a chat with the team manager or a sponsor but he will continue to play. What E-Sports needs in my opinion is some sort of governing body. Stephano should be penalized for this so he or any gamer for that matter cannot do this and essentially ruin a tournament.



Fnatic finally acquires EX-TSL player aLive

Fnatic had many troubles acquiring aLive as TSL Coach Lee wouldn’t let him go. This stirred up a lot of drama and in the end; Coach Lee came out as the villain. I will not go in detail of how this was proven but long story short; Coach Lee ripped off Team oGs after they housed him out of kindness by stealing star players from them, and then continued by abusing player contracts to essentially lock them in TSL. When a situation like EG taking PuMa from TSL happened, Coach Lee victimized himself and hid all evidence against him.



Anyways, aLive is a great pick up for Fnatic. Fnatic now has Moon, ToD, Rain, aLive and NightEnD. While they might not be the best team yet, they’re certainly a powerhouse. ToD has been training hard in Korea and is rumoured to have improved greatly. Moon is an RTS prodigy as proven in Warcraft 3 and aLive is one of the best Terran players in the world without a doubt.

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