E-Sports @ OnRPG: January 20th Report

E-Sports @ OnRPG: January 20th Report

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist




Unfortunately Kluey did not have the time to write this week’s E-Sports column due to exams so he asked me to write an article covering for him. As some of you may know I am also majorly into competitive games and just like Kluey I am also a big fan of Starcraft 2 and there is a lot to be said about it this week! Also there will be spoilers so skip the GSL column if you are not interested in the latest results.



It’s a sad week in E-Sports if MC isn’t involved. This famous Protoss player that is not only known by his play but also by his attitude has made an unexpected decision today that no one saw coming. Last week you’ve read in the previous article that he managed to take the title in this year’s Home Story Cup and won a fair amount of prize money. After this successful weekend the news was announced that MC had officially left oGs and joined SK Gaming as a full time member. MC had represented SK in events out of South Korea since 2010 but will now represent SK fully in all tournaments including the GSL. Unfortunately this also means that he has to move out of the oGs house, and he will have to live by himself.





Lately the well-known European organization Fnatic had some trouble inside their StarCraft 2 team with a few great players leaving. Two months ago a great Canadian player with the nickname TT1 left the organization to pursue his career somewhere else and around two weeks ago KawaiiRice also decided to part ways with Fnatic. Many have been speculating for the last few weeks that Fnatic was going to announce a new player and last weekend Fnatic decided to release a few teasers to confuse the community even more. After their teaser video almost everyone was certain it would be a known Korean player and on Tuesday the 17th the news came out. Fnatic MSI announced their new player Jang “Moon” Jae Ho will be joining the squad of this European organization. Moon is a former legendary Warcraft III player that is known for his diverse gaming career and many successful tournaments. He decided it was time to fully focus on Starcraft 2 and was invited into the ranks in Fnatic.




This upcoming weekend the Intel Extreme Masters will be heading to Kiev to host one of the biggest European LAN events for multiple games. As a European competitive player myself I have been waiting for this event for quite some time, and I personally cannot wait for it to start. The Global Challenge Kiev will be hosted by one of the biggest European league host ESL and has chosen to bring along three of the most played games of Europe. They have announced total prize money of $93,000 dollar which is divided between three games. Teams of Counter Strike 1.6 and League of Legends as well as StarCraft 2 players will battle it out to take home a big prize purse along with a Trophy. Besides the regular ESL TV casters Joe, MrBitter and RotterdaM other well-known names like dApollo, Deman, Zenon, Phreak and ReDeYe will cast the Global Challenge Kiev from the 19th – 22nd of January.



GSL 2012 season 1

The Global StarCraft II League is one of the well-known tournaments in StarCraft 2. This Walhalla for basically every StarCraft 2 player is the biggest South Korean tournament that runs every month with the best players from all over the world trying to fight their way to the top. This well-known tournament is hosted by GomTV and everyone is able to watch live streams of the matches broadcast straight from Seoul. Unfortunately due to a new system many players have been kicked to the lower bracket already. Here’s a recap of what has happened thus far:


This week the E through H groups competed and many Code S worthy players went head to head, but unfortunately 8 of them were reduced to Code A after suffering defeat. The new Zerg player acquired by Teamliquid Zenio went third within his group and fell together with YuGiOh to Code A. In Group F, Genius decided to dance around his opponent refusing to finish off sC who fell to Code A along with JYP. In group G both MarineKing and aLive that are both fan favorites managed to advance easily without any problems. But in Group H there was an upset as PartinG, one of the best Protoss players, made his debut in Code S and managed to advance together with Puzzle forcing NaDa and Keen to Code A.


The eight players who advanced in the Code S are MMA, GuMiho, Genius, DongRaeGu, MarineKing, aLive, PartinG and Puzzle.



Best Paying E-Sports of 2011

E-Sports have made their presence known as a powerful industry in 2011 and shows no signs of slowing down. As its popularity grows, so to do the number of high profile sponsors and the prize purses related to each tournament. Now you might be thinking that it would be silly to dedicate your life and time to gaming but for OnRPG visitors unfamiliar with the kind of money we’re talking about, I’ve prepared the following list of best paying E-Sports in 2011.


#1 Starcraft 2 – $2,525,775

Well to be fair everyone most likely guessed and already figured out that this game would have brought in the most cash since it is a national sport in Korea and one of the most played games around the globe.


#2 DotA – $1,698,500

This was for me one of the biggest surprises I’ve heard and I never would have guessed an unreleased game would hit such a high mark. But to be fair DotA2 held an international tournament with the total prize money of 1,600,000 USD, making up almost the entire total amount. Still for a company to put such money cash into a single tournament shows how seriously they are about supporting this game for the long term.


#3 Call of Duty MW3 – $1,010,000

In third place is the most played first person shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Every year a new sequel gets released but somehow it always manages to sustain such a large community through each sequel transition. This popular game is mostly played on the XBOX 360 and is mostly seen in the major international tournaments and cups such as Major League Gaming.



This list shows that every popular genre is listed in the top 3 and most gamers are familiar with at least one of them. So if you are an avid gamer and never actually thought of competing, now you know what to start practicing to make a name for yourself in 2012!

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