E-Sports @ OnRPG March 27th Report

E-Sports @ OnRPG: March 27th Report

By Umar Farooq (Kluey), OnRPG Journalist



Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

MLG Columbus 2012

MLG weekend is always great. This weekend lived up to its expectation but nothing more. Before we get into that, the games were fantastic. MarineKing ended up taking the tournament in convincing fashion, making him the first player ever to win two MLG titles consecutively. DRG placed second once again at MLG and at third place we have somewhat of a surprise. Complexity’s newly recruited Heart took out great players like Morrow, Inori, HuK and GanZi before falling to DRG to take his third place victory. HuK, once again is top placed foreigner at MLG.




We also had some interesting side-stories in MLG. LiquidHayprO showed that his training in Korea has not gone in vain by taking out NaNiwa and DeMusliM. Stephano ended up getting bad matchups in the open bracket. He would have to beat Polt or fall into the Losers Bracket to face Inori and then IdrA. And then you have the most surprising of them all, Socke had an incredible run. He took out PuMa, DeMusliM, CrazymoviNG and TheStC despite being the underdog in all those sets. Shortly after he fell to the extended series HuK.



The tournament itself was not too great in my opinion. The fans were somewhat lacklustre and the format seemed repetitive. One thing that really stands out as a flaw at MLG’s is that the finals are played in the same booth; same stage as every other game. Even though this logically makes sense, it gives the finals less hype. MLG should consider some kind of celebration for the winner; something like confetti thrown down or new lights.



The crowd shots come back once again. I don’t think it’s too difficult to get some content for MLG to play during the commercial breaks or downtimes. A simple interview can go for 15 minutes and that’s more than enough to cover an entire break. TeamLiquid did quite a few interviews per day and they have no power over the players. A player is more likely to deny a TeamLiquid interview rather than a MLG interview. While Clutch did a few interviews on the main stage, I’d prefer pre-recorded interviews that have some decent editing. If MLG is serious about becoming a self-sustaining business, they can’t be holding back on content for viewers.



GSL Code S Season 2

This season of GSL will no doubt be my favourite. Two of my absolute favourite players are participating, HerO and NaNiwa. Apart from them, there’s also many fan favourites who are not Code S regulars including July, Maru, Fin and PartinG. July has been rumoured to go to the Military very soon unless he does something spectacular like win the GSL. For his sake, I hope he does well this tournament. Maru is fourteen years old. Does more really need to be said?



Group B Results

Nothing spectacular happened last night. SuperNoVa and Genius both made it out of their groups as predicted by many. Although, one game there had been a mistake by Genius in which he got Observer speed rather than Colossus range.



SuperNoVa 4 – 1(2 – 0)

Genius 5 – 4 (2 – 1)

Seed 3 – 4(1 – 2)

BBoongBBoong 1 – 4 (0 – 3)



Group D Predictions

GuMiho, Maru, HerO and Curious are all spectacular players with different play styles. GuMiho has a very funky style where he will be very careless with his units but have them always be doing something. It taxes anyone with low APM regardless of strategic talent. Maru is quite new to the scene and is not considered a strong, solid player by any means. HerO has a very refined style where he will focus heavily on basic mechanics rather than trying to trick his opponent. HerO makes use of all his units in the most efficient manner. Curious is your average bear. He plays Zerg in a macro style and is able to change his play whenever he needs to.




GuMiho 2 – 0

HerO 2 – 1

Curious 1 – 2

Maru 0 – 2



KeSPA and Blizzard negotiating a Starcraft 2 Proleague

KeSPA is partly responsible for the success of Broodwar in Korea. Of course, everything had to be already set up for them to come in but without KeSPA, the scene would be a lot less professional. While KeSPA is a very one dimensional organization that focuses on only their success, they know what they’re doing. With them coming into Starcraft 2, it could be either extremely bad or extremely good. If they do negotiate with other organizations, it’ll just be more fans and more money for Starcraft 2. If they start putting boundaries on their players and allowing them only to play in their league, every other league will start to diminish and they will start to build their monopoly. If Flash and Jaedong bring their fans to MLG, the fan base will increase substantially.



As for the Starcraft 2 Proleague, it should be really cool. The OGN zoom onto the players face when a dramatic moment happens in the game is amazing. It gives the viewer a reminder than someone is actually controlling these units and that player has feeling for the game.

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