E-Sports @ OnRPG: May 14th Report – Round of 4

E-Sports @ OnRPG: May 14th Report – Round of 4

By Umar Farooq (Kluey), OnRPG Journalist




Evil Genius Acquires More Players!   

ThorZaIN recently blew foreign fans away with his Dreamhack Stockholm victory and the ability to play on par with Koreans without actually training with them. Because of this and the fact that his contract was coming to an end, Evil Geniuses had to attempt to pick him up. Surprise, surprise, they had a better offer than any other team. ThorZaIN will be sent to Korea to train in the Slayers house beside some of the best Terrans in the world. I think in the next 6 months, we will see a new ThorZaIN be it an improvement or a slump. There have been many a time where a player will have a little ‘marathon’ and a team buys him for a large sum of money but the player’s marathon ends there.


As for their DotA 2 team, they acquired two players, Bulba and Universe. I’ve seen Bulba play with the team on EG.DeMoN’s stream and he seems to be getting along well. Universe on the other hand is a familiar name as he did play in ‘The International’ but placed 7th. EG’s DotA 2 lineup has been quite weak in the past few weeks. They’re not the best team in the world but to be honest, I don’t think that is their goal. EG would much rather become the best American team in the world. 

GSL Code S Ro.4

Squirtle out-played HerO. That’s the bottom line. HerO looked unprepared and shaken up in the set. The final game, he totally misread Squirtle’s somewhat obvious build of Dark Templars and lost to cloaked units. Why was he so shaken up?



Game one in their set. HerO played absolutely sick. He held off an Archon attack perfectly and executed a contain break near perfectly. HerO then went on to lose because he left his army out in the open. An extremely rookie mistake stopped him from making his first appearance in GSL the best it could possibly be.


MVP played like MVP. The usual abusive style that every RTS gamer wishes he had; the ability to read your opponent like a book. That’s why MVP is a 5-time GSL finalist and 3 time champion. PartinG’s build was extremely tech heavy. If you’re increasing your tech so extremely fast, the one thing you cannot do is get units. MVP in game one pulled his SCV’s to contain PartinG and block his third but ended up out right killing him. In game two, he used a 1/1/1 cheese and killed PartinG again. Finally in game three, PartinG retaliated. He showed us why he is the best PvT player in the world. PartinG mustered up the best unit combination possible and showed us superb micro. MVP was out-played and lost. To end the series, MVP does another all-in move by loading up his entire army into medivacs and dropping in PartinG’s base. Had those medivacs died, MVP would’ve lost the game right there and then. In the end, MVP does what it takes to win and that’s why he’s able to become the most successful SC2 player.

If you remember back in mid to late 2011, the GSL finals were garbage. Artosis would try to hype them but in the end, they were just really bad. In 2012 and even December of 2011, we saw some of the sickest finals ever. DongRaeGu vs. MMA, Jjakji vs. Leenock and DongRaeGu vs. Genius are all brilliant examples. This season, we’ve got another final that could easily top all of these. Protoss vs Terran is currently the most exciting match up. There is nothing more interesting than a triple pronged attack using drops or a showcase of sick micro with Storms and blink as Protoss.



The International

The International, if you don’t already know, is the Superbowl of DotA 2. Last year’s grand prize was 1,000,000 USD. So far, four teams have been invited. Last year’s champions Na’Vi and the powerhouse chinese team, DK. Alongside them, two extremely strong teams were invited, aL from Austrailia and Orange from Malaysia. What’s expected next is an American team. Which one? It’s hard to guess to be honest. Quantic has recently acquired all of ex-GoSu who have been on a ‘hot-streak’ lately. Evil Geniuses has been buying new players to try and get back into the scene. Not to mention the countless unsponsored teams who have loads of talent but no back bone to support them.

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