E3 Big Press Reveals: Sony and Nintendo

Welcome to Day 1 of E3! We’re starting off where we ended last night right after the end of Ubisoft’s amazing presentation. If you haven’t already ready the MMO related roundup of the earlier three major press conferences you can read all about them here. There was one more last night from Sony, but being in Europe that was a bit too late for me. So I watched it earlier this morning along with the big Nintendo reveal.



The Playstation 4 mostly dominated this presentation. And unlike Microsoft they actually spent a bit of time talking about the machine itself. No having to check in online, trading games is as simple as it has ever been. And PS4 got a price of $400. And they announced some great upcoming titles for both the PS4 and Vita, though there weren’t as many multiplayer/MMOs. So what can we look forward to? Destiny. An awesome shooter which allows friends to team up with eachother or take part in public quests as they pop up. These public quests will have people pouring out of everywhere to take part, and from the looks of it you’ll need all the help you can get.



Not interested in another shooter? The Elder Scrolls Online might just be for you then. This was the first place it was announced to be on anything besides PC or Mac, though it was later revealed you could play it on Xbox One. PS4 players will get to have a special access beta, which more information will be released about later.




Nintendo’s presentation was a short one this year. Not having a new console to reveal gave them a chance to focus on the games. All the classics were there, from Zelda to Super Smash Bros. Though, Megaman is finally making an appearance in SSB, which may just be the biggest news outside of Bayonetta’s makeover for Bayonetta 2. For us MMO fans the most promising title is X from the makers of Xenoblade, Monolithsoft. X is an open world rpg with mechs who transform into cars, fly, and fight. From the preview we could see a four player team but there isn’t much else to say about the title yet.


After the three performances yesterday today felt a little bit lacking for MMO fans. But that is about to change because we have a team on the floor at E3 and we will be bringing you news and in depth looks throughout the convention. Keep coming back often and make sure you’re following us on twitter @OnRPG to get the latest.

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