Eastern Mob: GTA it Ain’t

By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), OnRPG Journalist

You are a beaten and bruised guy in an unknown land, your wallet was stolen and the hospital where you went for help hardly notices you because you have no money to pay them. So what do you do? You get a gang and own the place of course! This is Eastern Mob’s main storyline and your character is a struggling beggar left off to fend for yourself in this tough world. Your only means of escape is to build your gang and reputation from scratch and to finally earn the respect the underworld has to give for a guy like you.

zzT!! Error!!! zzT!

Eastern Mob BossOne of the first things you would notice as you play the game is the numerous misspelled words and the grammatical errors that have littered the home page. Sadly, this does not stop there because you get to see those errors within the game interface itself. Aside from this very obvious error, the game also has one major storyline flaw. According to the game’s storyline you are a beggar in an unknown country yet you have the option to become a business man and an agent. When a game has a lot of grammatical errors and the game storyline contradicts the character creation feature of the game, then it says a lot about the game you are going to play, and it seems that Eastern Mob has a lot to say about itself as you continue playing.

Click And You Shall Be Rewarded

The game’s basic premise is that you earn your money by getting more people to join your gang. To do that you would need people to click on your unique link and for every unique click you get a corresponding amount of Euro that you can use to expand and train your “gangsters”. There is a problem with this kind of system however and that people can abuse the clicking system to their own advantage. There are a lot of available software you can use to get this thing done and it may as well be the thing you use rather than convincing actual people to click the link. This poses a problem to the game’s balance and stability because this tips the scale in favor of the cheaters if they can get past the clicking protection the game has.

The Things You Can Do

As a way to give the game a little credit you can say that you can do a lot when you start the game. There are various ways where your character can earn for a living and that would mean that the game can properly offer something aside from a lot of errors. Another good thing about the game is that the game allows you to either become a criminal or a law-abiding police agent that tries to stem the evil that organized crime is unleashing. The ability to choose which side of the law you belong to gives players the sense of freedom on how they want their corresponding character lives in the game. This builds up the idea that you have something more to do in the game and that you must be able to grasp your character’s true essence to make your stay all the more interesting.

Club in Eastern MobThe game allows for your character to get married. Though this is highly irregular because getting married does not really have any use if you think about it because having a significant other does not really bring any bonus to anything you have. It seems that the marriage system is a foreign feature that does not really have any practical use and it seems that it was just hastily put into the game system just so the game can say it has a “marriage system” in its features.

Gang Wars

Of course what would any gang-themed game be without the inclusion of fights and of gang wars, the game’s war and battle system is the only redeemable feature that the game has, given that the game has a lot of problems to begin with. The battle system is a by the numbers kind of fight where whoever has the bigger gang would win. Thankfully those players who do not have that many men still have a fighting chance and as long as the defending gang has a bigger territory they can still turn the tides over the attacking gang. The inclusion of the land being part of the winning factor for gangs is a nice piece of work. This gives players who are not as zealous as those who maintain a steady amount of clicks for their accounts a way to win. Of course the land factor can only as much but the thing is, nobody goes anywhere may it be in games or in real-life if you are lazy.


Eastern Mob is a game that is like any other browser-based game with a twist. It has the same concept that majority of browser-based online games have which is if you want to win you would need to have more people.

The game looks drab and you may not really have the patience to go through a game that has this many errors in spelling and grammar. If you expect the game to deliver at least a decent experience in gaming then I must say you will be disappointed. Having high hopes on Eastern Mob would leave you aching for something more worthwhile of your time.

– The game gives you the choice to be part of the law or not
– The game gives a 12-hour immunity for new players so they can get the ropes before going into play
– The game gives you a wide scope of things you can do to earn money which results to the game not being that boring.

– The game’s font face can be an eyesore especially it does not mix well with the color
– There are a lot of misspelled words and grammatical mistakes in the interface
– Earning “gang mates” through clicking the invite link is open to various ways for players to abuse the system.

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