Camelot Unchained Funds Hours Ahead of Deadline

Call outs from PennyArcade against overzealous backers. Amazon’s payment systems crashing the day before close. Kickstarter refusing to extend the deadline an inch despite the downtime this caused. Heck even Mark Jacob’s Macbook was out of commission. Fate truly seemed against Camelot Unchained going into the final 2 days of the campaign with roughly $300,000 left to reach the needed $2 million. Some might say we needed a miracle. And then it happened.

The floodgates exploded, pushing Camelot Unchained up nearly 200 backers and multiple current backers upped their pledges. The final $100k went by faster than most press could keep up. Despite being a niche title with an extremely limited userbase appeal, the game hit record levels of Kickstarter comments and funded with an astoundingly high average backer contribution of well over $100.

But the revolution hasn’t stopped yet as the campaign nears its first extended goal at $2.1 promising archers and an additional race per realm. With the FP exchange system updated and crafters getting some serious love, the momentum seems to be continuing onward! Join in the celebration now at the KS comment page!

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