E3 2013 Monday and Tuesday MMO Recap


Remember the lunatic in that video a month or so back in which he was willing to assassinate clowns and sell his own kidney to see the world’s first true MMOITCG title be made? Well that lunatic’s name is Cory Jones and we had the chance to meet this animated character in a well hidden third floor meeting room above South Hall. The passion he has for this title is unmistakable, and while I don’t consider myself very knowledgeable in trading card games, his demo of a PvP match made it clear that there’s plenty of strategic moves and gambles players can take in Hex: Shards of Fate to set themselves a step above the masses.

Hex Shards of Fate

The RPG elements and 3 player raid systems being introduced into the game shortly should push the genre leagues ahead of the rather single player feeling batch of ITCG titles on the market now and with their Kickstarter hitting move than $2 million beyond their goal, we can be sure to have it playable on mobile devices at launch along with just about every bell and whistle Cryptozoic could image.

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