E3 2013 Wednesday MMO Recap


SOE Booth E3 Garrett

Sony Online Entertainment

Next up we hit up SOE to get a closer look at Dragon’s Prophet’s end-game content including our first glimpse of part of the “Frontier,” an open PvP sandbox region of the game that offers players the ability to purchase land, build houses, and run various guild management systems. This particular region was a frosty northern zone complete with giants that wielded huge clubs and bows that might as well been trebuchets due to the massive size of the arrows they fired. It was about the equivalent of dodging trees getting swung and shot at you!

 Dragon's Prophet

James then received a tour of one of the end-game cities built on the skeletal remains of a gigantic ancient dragon. It’s a sight to behold so don’t miss out our upcoming video to get a good look. We will also be previewing quite a few of the more powerful dragons including some awesome water-based monstrosities that no dragon tamer’s collection can be complete without.

Dragon's Prophet Cold North

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to take a closer look but SOE had plenty of new content to preview for DC Universe Online and Planetside 2 so check out their official sites to learn more info. And of course SOE Live in Vegas is barely a month away so stay tuned at OnRPG and MMOHuts for the Everquest Next reveal that is to come!

Everquest Girl e3 2013

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