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The Kill3rCombo team was seemingly everywhere at E3 as they partnered up with MadCatz to bring Elsword to the show with their now completed first round of “Transformed” classes as well as the Fields of Battle system. Unfortunately there was no mention of their second title in the works, Fighters’ Club, but I can forgive them due to just how revolutionary Fields of Battle is for the Elsword world.

For those not in the know (or maybe just because the CGI trailer for it doesn’t truly explain what it does), Fields of Battle fleshes out the Elsword world by creating persistent and massive maps between the seven major towns plus Feta staging areas complete with respawning monsters and plenty of platforming elements to challenge new players as they progress through the game. This not only creates a sense of achievement that you earned your way through brutal combat to reach the next town, it allows the lore to grow by showcasing hints and relics of the past in each region to better give a visual explanation for the questlines present in each region.

Elsword e3 2013

Beyond this, the update offers a huge UI overhaul that makes swapping out your skill bar on the fly much simpler. The chatbox is also cleaned up and easier on the eyes and best of all, the staging areas where you would previously party up and queue for dungeons has now been deleted entirely. At first I wondered how that was possible as I just wasn’t thinking enough outside of the box to get what the team meant. But now parties can exist anywhere in the world and players can queue up for any dungeon they want at any time without having to be physically present at the location!

Elsword Fields Of Battle 2

The same goes for queued for ranked PvP battles, though duels still require you to access a battle room via the normal NPC. Social gamers rejoice, this is long overdue convenience. Oh and completionists can now snap screenshots of the new world map that showcases which difficulty of dungeons they have completed. It’s nice if you missed one of the dungeons and forgot about it or just if you want to brag.

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