E3 2016 – Day 2 Recap: Livelock, Lego Worlds, Dawn of War III, and Mount & Blade II

Lego Worlds – Finally taking back Minecraft territory for the original IP of Imagination

Normally when people tell you to broaden your horizons, they mean you need to open your mind and try new things. Well when it comes to Lego Worlds, not only will you need a bigger imagination, you can literally take your horizon and expand it as far as you can imagine. See why i said you are gonna need a bigger imagination?
LEGO Worlds Town
So when I started exploring my particular chunk of the Lego world I was “super-hero air-dropped” into, I immediately began to think about the giant tub of Legos that are tucked away in the attic back at home. Then sudden terror filled me as I double checked the ground around me for that deadly clear brick, and it took me a second to remember that I had nothing to fear. I would never again run the risk of experiencing the 11 on a 1-10 pain scale for stepping on a left out Lego.
Now in terms of what Lego Worlds had to offer, I already have hit the bread and butter of Infinite Lego creativity at your fingertips, but I don’t think you have fully gathered the scale of this yet. They have thousands of individual brick, character customization pieces, weapons, tools, cars, animals, trees, pre-built blueprints, and much much more.
LEGO Worlds Campfire
The big trick however, is figuring out how you can get a hold of all this awesomeness once you get into the game. There is definitely a learning curve as you try to fathom what it is you can do, so Lego Worlds has a nice progression to gathering and learning the tools involved. There is a simple basic questing system integrated into the vast world that you get to explore during your creative adventures…or destructive.

The flip side to creation is obviously destruction, which is just as easy, if not easier, to satisfy said desire in Lego Worlds. Just to add to the already infinite list of possibilities for creation, destroying things is just as entertaining when you get to ride around on a giant drill machine spraying Lego bits everywhere, and then not having to worry about picking any of the pieces up, which that is honestly, one of the best parts about this whole experience.
E3 2016 - Day 2 Recap
On top of all of that, you can bring your friends into the worlds to create and interact with you. Whether you are creating, competing or destroying, you don’t have to do it alone. As the game progresses, they are looking to let more and more friends join you in whatever adventure you decide on! As the game gives us more information, we will make sure to get it right to you, and if you had as big of an obsession with Legos as a kid as I did, this will be the perfect trip down nostalgia lane. Right now the game is in early access so you can get in and get to building, destroying, or riding a shark across a desert.
Don’t forget to bring the big box of imagination you’ve lost all those years ago, when your parents still had to remind you to eat your vegetables.
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