Elder Scrolls Online Goes to Morrowind!


Elder Scrolls Online is a pretty great depiction of the world Bethesda has created over the past few decades.  However, there’s something missing. Something vast, popular – something from the collective past of PC and console gamers alike. But what is that? Skyrim? Nah, it already looks kind of like Skyrim.  No, it’s not Arena, that’s not even an area! Come on, guys, think! Well don’t worry, I have the answer.  It’s Morrowind!  Elder Scrolls Online is going to the wonderful land of Morrowind! It’s time to go to the Isle of Vvardenfell, which, when combined with One Tamriel, can only mean one thing to me: We can start right on Vvardenfell, instead of starting on old content! Granted, it’s going to come with the previous content, so you’ll have hundreds and hundreds of hours of content to explore all told.  I feel like this will be a godsend to bring new users to the game, and rekindle the older users who might feel restless, bored, or craving something to do. So take heart! There will be something glorious for players to explore. The Morrowind update is the largest area added to the game to date, and I feel like it could definitely be considered an actual expansion.  It’s not free though, but it will definitely be worth purchasing. For those who already own the game, 39.99 gets you the new content, and for new players, you can get the whole game, with Morrowind for 59.99. There’s also going to be a massive pile of content, and all the important, legendary locales of the original game. However it takes place 700 years before the actual events of Morrowind, so you’re going to be actually shaping the events that you played out initially! That really blows my mind.  But is there cool stuff coming? Of course!


  • New Class: Warden! The nature-based magic master is coming to ESO. It’s the first new class since launch and will be able to select a variety of abilities, and have quite a few different ways to play, which is amazing. They also get a cool animal ally to help them kick asses across Cyrodill! The War Bear!  It stands by your side no matter what.


  • Story: Set 700 years before the original story as I said above, you’re going to help Vivec, the legendary warrior-poet, solve his mysterious illness, regain his power, and save the world. Are you ready to really be a hero?  You won’t have to wait long!


  • PVP: Instead of open-world PVP, which is what ESO is known for, we can expect 4v4v4 battlegrounds, set in an arena environment. Specifically, we go to do battle in the Ashlands. And it’s going to be fast-paced, intense battles to see which faction is truly the fittest and most powerful!

Of course, there’s going to be really cool pre-order bonuses, and a collector’s edition for the most die-hard fans, that will without a doubt be worth picking up!


It’s happening! Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind! Are you ready to embrace your destiny as a hero?


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