EVE Online Players Did a Short Squeeze With Tritanium Last Year

By Jason Fogerty (JFogerty)

Have you been following the news about the GameStop short squeeze with fascination like so many others around the world? If so, you may be interested to know that the in-game economy of EVE Online is so elaborate that similar events have happened there. In fact, there was a short squeeze with tritanium in the game just last year. Let’s check out the details. They will give you a whole new appreciation of just how incredible a game EVE is.

EVE Online Has a Complex, Functional Economy

A lot of MMOs have complex economies, but few can rival the level of complexity built into EVE Online. Indeed, CCP Games CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson says that EVE Online’s economy is comparable to what you would see from a small real-life country like Iceland, where he is from. He’s not in any way exaggerating.

EVE Online Players Did a Short Squeeze With Tritanium Last Year In Content

Because EVE’s economy has that level of complexity and functionality, it is even possible for participants to trade in-game. Indeed, Pétursson has described a short squeeze with tritanium that happened in 2020. This event was similar to what happened with GameStop just recently.

All About the EVE Online Short Squeeze With Tritanium

There was a speculation spike for tritanium that took place in April. Pétursson explained, “You can imagine there are people taking a bet on the changes we’re doing to the ecosystem to drive up the price of tritanium. I am sure, because I know EVE players, that many people did the reverse of that action.” He continued, “People are shorting an element in the classical sense … There was a good period of time in October last year that [this] short would have looked squeezed if you look at the market graph.”

If you make it big in the market on EVE Online, what can you do with the money? At the moment, you can only use your in-game cash in the universe of EVE. So, you can invest it back in the market, or you can buy resources, purchase a ship, hire someone to do a job for you, or so forth. There is no way for you to exchange it for a fiat currency to use IRL without breaking CCP rules. So, however successful you are in-game, there is no way to translate that to real-life financial income.

While this is something that Pétursson is interested in changing, implementing it would not be a simple thing. As it is, there have already been lots of scams in the EVE economy, and the development team is always looking for ways to improve the system and maintain fairness. Every prospective change can add new challenges to overcome in that regard.

How to Buy EVE Online Currency With Real Money

Even with the rules against exchanging for RL currency, that does not mean that there are not people out there who are buying and selling EVE in-game currency for real life money. In fact, players who want to obtain more EVE ISK can head over to Eldorado to shop for the currency. Multiple sellers have offers up on the site with different minimum purchase requirements. Many orders are filled within days. Some are filled within just an hour. Once a player has more ISK in their in-game account, they can invest it in the in-game market or use it for any other purpose.

Along with currency for EVE Online, Eldorado also allows players to buy and sell currencies in games like Old School RuneScape, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, Path of Exile, Black Desert Online, and more. The site features items for sale in a variety of MMOs as well. So, whatever types of games you are into, you can save a lot of time and give yourself a leg up by stopping by Eldorado first.

Now you know more about the amazing, complex economy of EVE Online and the short squeeze with tritanium. Players of EVE Online who were involved with what happened with tritanium probably had a stronger understanding than most of what happened with GameStop this year. It is pretty incredible how much in-game economies in MMOs have evolved over the years. Gamers who purchase in-game currency through sites like Eldorado can give themselves a considerable advantage. So can those who utilize short squeezes and other clever methods of making more money in the in-game universe.

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